The Living Room

Dec 30th 2007 — Asheville,Family — 8:23 pm

How we watched the Patriots vs. Giants game

Asheville, North Carolina 12-16-07

Dec 28th 2007 — Asheville,Family — 12:56 am


Davy, Scott, Rebecca Sulock Race Asheville City from Grove Park Inn

New Jersey to North Carolina at 70 Mph

Dec 25th 2007 — Family — 6:57 pm

Delaware Memorial Bridge Virginia Post Office Virgina Farm from Interstate 81

If your last name is “Sulock” you might be particularly interested in the link below.

Pictures from Dave and Christy’s Super Awesome Christmas Party

Eastward Ho

Dec 20th 2007 — Bozeman — 12:44 am

My bag are all packed, my chores are all done. Tomorrow I will spend the night in New Jersey…..But first, here are a few pictures I took yesterday

Westward Ho Cactus Records Montana Hall and Tree at MSU Bozeman

Band of Horses Video

Dec 18th 2007 — Music — 12:01 am

I just got a new Youtube plugin that makes putting videos on this site a little easier. That being said here’s a song from when Band of Horses played at the Filling Station in November. Keep in mind this was recorded with a hand-held pocket-sized camera so if you are an audiophile or whatever is the analogous term for videos do not watch it.

Incidentally, their album “Cease to Begin” was recorded at Echo Mountain studios in Asheville, NC. And playing with the band were local Asheville musicians Tyler Ramsey and Bill Reynolds.

Lewis and Clark Caverns

Dec 16th 2007 — Montana — 5:13 pm

Yesterday some folks got together and took a tour of the Lewis and Clark Caverns organized by the ever-vigilant Luke Shorty. It was the first time I’ve been in a cave in a long time and a really excellent experience.
It was the last day the caverns were opened for the season and as an added bonus the 2nd half of the tour was conducted by candlelight. They were nice enough to provide cookies and hot chocolate in the visitor center and before we left our multi-talented tour guide was nice enough to sing us a few Christmas carols as well.

The Jefferson River Lewis and Clark Caverns Lewis and Clark Caverns 2 Corrine Candlelit The Tour Our Tour Guide

Downtown Bozeman

Dec 14th 2007 — Bozeman — 11:13 pm

From a walk earlier today

Hotel Baxter Bozeman Montana  Hotel Baxter Stairs Downtown Bozeman Montana Downtown Bozeman Montana 2 Kezia Manlove

Bridger Bowl Dec 12th and 13th

Dec 13th 2007 — Snowboarding — 10:01 pm

The Crazy Mountains Looking Down Chair Lift Bridger Bowl Bridger Lift

Bridger Bowl, The 1st Day

Dec 11th 2007 — Snowboarding — 5:10 pm

Bridger Opened last Friday, but due to school I wasn’t able to go until today. They are reporting 80 inches of snowfall so far for the season, which is roughly a third of what fell all of last year.

Bridger Bowl Bridger Bowl 2 Bridger Bowl 3 Bridger Bowl 4


Nov 29th 2007 — Family — 1:18 am

rebecca-davy-small.jpg mikey-small.jpg Me too Bill and Val DavyDylan

The Gallatin Valley

Nov 27th 2007 — Bozeman — 10:34 am

A couple of pictures I took yesterday.
Looking West Mountains Looking West Again Hardscrabble and Sacajawea Peaks

Also, I have some pictures from Thanksgiving at Brett’s house here. Many thanks to Brett and Luke for organizing that.

Phun with Photoshop

Nov 22nd 2007 — Misc — 12:58 am

I just learned how to do this tonight. These aren’t perfect by any means but I think they are fun.

Kez Brad Luke Moi

Snowed Tonight

Nov 20th 2007 — Bozeman — 12:55 am

The Heating Plant Not Tree The Heating Plant 2 Tree

Band of Horses at the Filling Station

Nov 19th 2007 — Bozeman,Music — 12:34 am

I don’t get to see that much live music out here, so it is nice when a good band comes though. Especially when the band included two folks from Asheville. They did two shows that night because the original show sold out rather quickly. Tyler Ramsey played 4 shows because he opened each time as well, whoa!

The Drones Ben Bridwell Tyler Ramsey The Filling Station


Nov 16th 2007 — Bozeman — 10:51 am

We got about 5 inches of snow in town a few days ago. It seems to be all melting today though.

Backyard w/Snow DowntownThe Bridgers

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