Sulock’s In Motion

Aug 28th 2007 — Family — 5:29 pm

Give this a little time to load. It is about 3 megabytes.

Sulock's in Motion

The Usual Suspects

Aug 22nd 2007 — Asheville,Family — 10:57 pm

This was Davy’s first night drinking in a bar in the United States. A pretty big deal if you ask me. It was also a very fun night full of people I wish I saw more often.

Mom and Davy

Davy ID

Davy, Jason, and Dylan
Valerie and Hilary

Rebecca, Scott, and Nora

Billy and Valerie

Hilary, Davy, Rebecca, Brad Pitt, Valerie


Aug 18th 2007 — Family,North Carolina — 3:54 pm

I’m back in Bozeman after a visit to the East Coast. . It was a wonderful visit with the time going by very quickly. It was awesome to see my family and friends I hadn’t seen since Christmas.

Here are a couple of shots of the Sulock’s kickin’ it extreme on lake Chatuga in northern Georgia. .

Tubing rocks!


Scott Piloting

Rebecca and Davy
Rebecca and Davy 2

Yours truly


The Jersey Shore

Aug 3rd 2007 — Family — 9:52 pm

We’re not in Bozeman anymore. Going back to my childhood sumer vacation roots with a few days in Ocean City, NJ. Visiting family, eating caramel corn, doing a little surfing. It is a rough life.


James, Rebecca, and myself
The other Michael

My Sister

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