Happy Halloween!!

Oct 30th 2007 — Misc — 10:23 pm

Hope it is a good one!

Yellowstone 10-20-07

Oct 21st 2007 — National Parks,Yellowstone — 12:50 pm



Oct 19th 2007 — Misc — 3:56 pm

While WordPress makes putting up a site like this not too bad for average Joe’s like myself, there are some subtleties that escape me every now and then. Like ,why does it open a picture when you go to comment on the post below? I have no idea, but it certainly does (as Davy so kindly pointed out to me yesterday). Whoops.

Therefore, if the urge strikes you to comment on those fabulous photos of Bozeman that appeared in the post before this, consider using this post to do so. Thank you and goodbye.

Fall in Bozeman

Oct 13th 2007 — Bozeman — 10:24 pm

Grant St

My future house


Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Oct 7th 2007 — Family — 10:49 am
View The Happy Birthday Rebecca Album

Happy Birthday Rebecca

What an amazing person to have as a sister! Happy Birthday Rebecca. You rock!

Home For Christmas

Oct 3rd 2007 — Family,North Carolina — 4:39 pm

Just so you know, I just booked a flight into Philadelphia on December 20th and out of Asheville on January 3rd. Holla

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