Dawn’s Birthday

Apr 27th 2008 — Bozeman — 9:48 pm

Friday was my roommate Dawn’s 30th Birthday. She is the last remaining person of our house who has been here longer than me, and she is also totally rad. I vote her most likely to make cookies for everyone. She is graduating this year and leaving Bozeman. Dawn you will be missed.

We had a most excellent dinner at the house and then headed downtown to check out the ol’ Bozeman bar scene. Before Friday I can’t remember the last time I was in a bar. Well actually it was in Missoula. I almost forgot what college bars are like, a social psychologist’s field day.

Good times were had by all and even the walk home in the cold wasn’t too bad. Happy Birthday Dawn.

Birthday Card Dining Room Smiling Dawn Sleepy Kez The Crystal Bar American Legion


Apr 24th 2008 — Misc — 2:00 pm

It snowed about 6 inches today, so in another attempt to imagine better weather here are some pictures from the school team traveling down to sectionals in Pocatello from a couple weeks back.

I have discovered that when you’re taking pictures of Ultimate you are not playing Ultimate. Hence I didn’t take that many pictures.

Bill Talks Flick Bill Gets Up The Rum Runners Camus Throws Watching the Finals


Apr 20th 2008 — Asheville — 10:01 pm

The air temperature in Bozeman is 20 degrees right now, so I’m going to “think warm” with some pictures of one of my favorite North Carolina summer activities. Most of these are from last summer and a couple the summer before that. Good times.

I’m going to be in Asheville in August and you KNOW I’m gonna have to do me some toobin’.

Hilary and Davy Michael and Davy Val Jason and Maggie Dadamundo Val and Hil Davy and Laura

Around Campus

Apr 19th 2008 — Bozeman,School — 8:55 pm

I’ve been a little weather obsessed lately. To compliment the snowy pictures here’s what things looked liked around campus last Thursday evening. It was warm, I was in shorts and a sweatshirt. Being from North Carolina it is odd when it stays light until 9 pm but none of the trees have any leaves on them. The grass is getting green though, there is some color emerging from the whites and browns of winter.

It is supposed to be cold for the next couple of days but I know spring can’t be too far away.

The Student Union Montana Hall Romney Gym The Noodle

Montana Weather

Apr 17th 2008 — Bozeman — 12:01 am

Monday it was 70 degrees and the first day I’ve worn shorts this year.

Tuesday 5.7 inches of snow fell, a record for the day, beating the old record of 5 inches set in 1896.

That is Montana weather for you. Guess which day I took these pictures on.

The Backyard Morning Bus

Walking To School Montana Hall

Driving to Pocatello

Apr 14th 2008 — Grand Teton,Montana — 10:49 pm

Over the weekend I went with the MSU Ultimate team down to Pocatello Idaho to play in the end of season tournament for the Big Sky Section.

It is a nice drive and only having to travel 4 hours is basically nothing. We didn’t win the most games but we had fun doing it. It must have been 70 degrees on Saturday which was the warmest weather I’ve been in around here in about 6 months.

Rural Idaho The Tetons Tractor


Apr 10th 2008 — Missoula,Montana — 10:49 pm

There was more to my trip to Missoula last weekend than just Obama. It was actually Hilary’s birthday on Friday. Happy Birthday Hil! Now she has joined me in the 28 years young club. It is fun to have a friend from North Carolina living so close. 2 and a half hours away is basically next-door in Montana terms. If everyone I knew lived out here I’d probably never think twice about moving back east.

I met her posse, a nice, down to earth group of folks, and we went out and experienced some of the Missoula scene. Good times. I don’t go to bars in Bozeman much these days, and If I’m not in bed by midnight I probably turn into a pumpkin.

The two city shots were from a short hike Hil and I did on Sunday, which offered some good views of Missoula and the surrounding area. Even with the clouds (basically a given in these parts recently) the weather was decently warm and it wasn’t snowing and we weren’t walking in snow, all of which I was thankful for.

On a warmer note, the high is supposed to be 67 in a couple of days, and since it has been snowing basically everyday for the past week that will be a nice change.

One last thing, I’ve been making the pictures a little bigger these day, if they are too big let me know.

Missoula Hilary Me eating cereal Waiting Hilary and her beers of choice Tower Heather Hilary’s Birthday Dinner Missoula Downtown Pool Hilary and Rob Heather and Rob

Our Next President

Apr 7th 2008 — Missoula,News — 9:56 pm

As promised here are a few more pictures I took of Barack Obama in Missoula, Montana on April 5th.

Describing what is was like being there is a difficult task. The energy there was like a concert, Obama was a rock-star as he stood up on stage surrounded by eight-thousand cheering fans. He spoke for an hour or so on a variety of topics such as energy, education, and foreign policy. He spoke about the change that our country needs desperately and immediately after the eight year political train-wreck that has been the Bush administration.

After he finished talking he spent about twenty minutes interacting with the crowd, shaking hands and holding no less than three babies (I don’t know what compels people to hand famous people their babies.) before waving a last goodbye.

You left feeling good about the world and good about politics, which was a nice change. I felt inspired to try to bring about a small part of the change that this man is obviously working so hard to impart on our great country.

I’m including a video of a short part of his speech, someone has segmented it into topics and uploaded it onto Youtube.

Barack Obama Change we can be Crowd Obama Again Obama Baby

Saw Obama in Missoula

Apr 6th 2008 — Missoula,News — 10:41 pm

My friend Hilary and I saw Barack Obama speak for about an hour on Saturday in Missoula, Montana. He is an excellent speaker and it was one of the more powerful events I’ve been to in a long time.

More thoughts and pictures to come.

Obama Lights

Grand Canyon Revisited- Desert View

Apr 2nd 2008 — Grand Canyon,National Parks — 9:50 pm

Bozeman is cold and soggy with half-melted snow so here are more pictures from spring break.

The last place we saw in the Grand Canyon was Desert View. It is the first overlook coming from the east. Stopping there was almost an afterthought as I’ve been to the Grand Canyon twice before but never considered this area interesting enough to warrant a stop. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise as the tower itself was a remarkable building and the view of the end of the widest part of canyon was nice as well. (Unlike those other cruddy Grand Canyon views.)

The last two pictures are from hiking in the canyon looking up at the tower sitting on the rim. It is easy to have no idea of scale when you are looking at giant things that are far away.

Looking East (ish) Cliffs to the East Looking West (ish) Watchtower Sign Watchtower Watchtower 2 Watchtower from below Watchtower from below 2

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