Emily Gentholts,

Feb. 28, 1987 – June 25, 2007

Jun 27th 2008 — Misc — 9:03 am

Emily Gentholts Two days ago marked the one year anniversary of the death of Bozeman native Emily Gentholts.

[ also here , here , and here (starting w/ the 8th paragraph) ]

She was 20 years old and she died in a car accident coming home from an Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

Cars are dangerous, drive slow (You’ll save gas too).

Try and let the important people in your life know what they mean to you. (Certainly easier said than done)

Take care of yourself.

(*steps off of soapbox*)

Polebridge, Montana

Jun 27th 2008 — Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 8:31 am

Polebridge is the kind of place I would worry about telling people if anyone actually read this website. A little “town” just ouside the western edge of Glacier National Park. Polebridge is off the grid, the Mercantile there sells some extremely delicious baked good, (think cheesy jalapeno bread and huckleberry bearclaws). Other than that there’s grass, kids, happy tourists, a sand volleyball court, cabins, a bar, and dogs.

My friend Lorrie suggested going there instead of visiting the eastern part again. After stopping for coffee and baked goods we went to the Bowman Lake Campground and did a nice 12-mile loop to Quartz Lake. After being caught in an evening thunderstorm the mosquitoes were basically unbearable. I’d never seen anything like it. The time of year was perfect for the little buggers, warm enough and wet enough.

Polebridge Mercantile Polebridge Baked Goods Hilary at Bowman Lake Quartz Lake Quartz Lake Shore North Fork of the Flathead River North Fork of the Flathead River Again

The Tetons and Cascade Canyon

Jun 25th 2008 — Grand Teton,National Parks — 7:19 am

When my friend Valerie Hastie was here visiting from North Carolina we did an excellent hike in The Grand Teton National Park. You walk around Jenny Lake, see Hidden Falls, continue up to a lookout called Inspiration Point, and if you are motivated you can continue back into Cascade Canyon.

We started at about 6pm and didn’t get back to the car until 10. Although it was not too bright for the walk back, we never needed headlamps and we hardly saw any people, which was fine by me.

The Grand Teton The Tetons and Jenny Lake Cascade Canyon Birds Looking up from Cascade Canyon. Val at Jenny Lake Jenny Lake

Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park

Jun 23rd 2008 — National Parks,Yellowstone — 9:27 am

If you are ever at Old Faithful, try and check out the myriad of different geothermal features in its vicinity. I know Old Faithful itself has the brand name recognition, but in my opinion it is one of the least interesting sights to see in the area. I’m just sayin’…

old-faithful-area.jpg Old Faithful. I thought this color reminded me of a creamsicle. Not everyday that nature gives you creamsicle. Pool at Upper Geyser Basin Grotto Geyser Grotto Geyser Sign old-faithful-area-5.jpg old-faithful-area-6.jpg old-faithful-area-2.jpg Geyser Morning Glory Pool again I believe this is called Scalloped Spring old-faithful-area-orange.jpg green-old-faithful.jpg Mammoth Hot Springs terrace. The only picture not taken at Upper Geyser Basin

The Tetons in the Morning

Jun 18th 2008 — Grand Teton,National Parks — 11:31 pm

The morning we were at the Tetons I woke up at 5:00 and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I grabbed the camera and went down to the lake. The only sounds were the occasional bird, Jackson Lake was completely still.

Mount Moran in the Early Morning Coulter Bay and the Tetons The first rays of daylight hit the Grand Teton Jackson Lake before the boats. Mount Moran in the light The Tetons in the light

Saint Mary Lake

Jun 18th 2008 — Glacier,National Parks — 6:51 am

Our last day in Glacier we walked from Sun Point to Virginia Falls.

Driving hil-overpass.jpg waterfall-1.jpgval-hil-sit.jpg Looking west at the Saint Mary River becoming a lake. waterfall-rainbow.jpg val-profile.jpg Wild Goose Island hil-moss.jpg st-mary-vert.jpg

Greatest Picture Ever

In Missoula

Jun 17th 2008 — Missoula,Montana — 6:54 am

Before there was Glacier there was Missoula, Montana.

hil-pose-val.jpg mailbox-missoula.jpg Garden val-hil-street.jpg bricks-heart.jpg val-hil-walking.jpg val-thai.jpg michael-sushi.jpg val-squirrel.jpg Rice Pudding.

Many Glacier Area

Jun 16th 2008 — Glacier — 9:26 am

We hiked to Bullhead Lake.

We ate peanut butter and jelly.

We hiked to Josephine Lake.

We saw a moose.

aspen-walking.jpg hil-jump.jpg val-hil-field.jpg green-plant.jpg val-bridge.jpg val-hil-lake.jpg many-glacier-lodge.jpg val-surprised.jpg Moose

WP(VP) in the hizzie

Jun 15th 2008 — Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 2:17 pm

16_mia_sm.jpg “Sunshowers that I’m aiming at you, cause I’m watching you my baby”

Thanks for visiting Val. I am lucky to have a friend like you.

val-hill-avalanche-creek.jpg val-and-tree.jpg val-kick.jpg val-dad-impression.jpg morning-cabin.jpg bullhead-lake.jpg val-hil-saint-mary-lake.jpg saint-mary-lake.jpg the-trio.jpg saint-mary-lake-3.jpg val-michael-moss.jpg val-hil-saint-mary.jpg

The Bay Area

Jun 15th 2008 — California,San Francisco — 10:55 am

My final pictures of California. The first set is from my epic Razor Scooter Tour of San Jose. The second is from my last day in San Francisco (thanks for letting me use your car Davy), it was finally clear down by the waterfront. Huzzah!

City Hall Art Museum Art Museum 2 Fish Tacos….Yummy Church Monkey Sculpture Statue

City Lights Books Transamerica Pyramid Grafitti Triptych San Francisco Waterfront San Francisco Waterfront 2 San Francisco Waterfront 3 Alcatraz

Yellowstone Geothermals

Jun 10th 2008 — National Parks,Yellowstone — 10:59 pm

These were all taken during a walk around the Old Faithful area.

Crown Geyser Val and Crow Bacterial Mat Morning Glory Pool Blue and Orange Castle Geyser

The Tetons and Yellowstone

Jun 10th 2008 — Grand Teton,National Parks,Yellowstone — 9:46 am

My friend Valerie is visiting and we just came back from a brief trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone. I’m getting more pictures than I know what to do with and going to Glacier later this week is not going to help that situation.

We saw some really excellent geothermal features around the Old Faithful area of Yellowstone yesterday. The geysers and multi-colored pools are some of my favorite things in Yellowstone National Park.

Mount Moran and the Tetons Chromatic Pool Bacterial Mat

Sunday in San Francisco

Jun 7th 2008 — California,San Francisco — 4:19 pm

Our second day in San Francisco I rented a bike and we did a fairly decent 40 mile bike ride. We biked across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the magical city of Sausalito, where the humongous waterfront houses everywhere made San Francisco look like a shanty town.

After the bridge we went through Sausalito and up a large hill with some good views of the bay towards our destination of the John Muir woods, home to some large Redwood trees. The woods were lovely, it was interesting to see the tallest tree species on earth (although we didn’t actually see the tallest tree).

Exiting the woods we hopped on our bikes and caught scenic Highway 1 for a little bit, we did another decent uphill there and the traffic was fairly constant. I definitely was glad we weren’t taking some long bike trip on that road.

Eventually we went back across the Golden Gate where it was a lot foggier, windier, colder, and wetter than the first time we went over. I dropped the bike back at the rental place and we walked across town back to the car.

The day turned out to be an interesting blend of urban and natural worlds.

No Adults Davy-Bike-Graffiti Davy and The Golden Gate Bridge Obligatory Golden Gate Bridge Photo Fog Nice Houses in Sausilito Crane? Muir Woods Sign Sea Bird House Boats Toy Donations NeededChina ShippingApartments Looking Over the Bay Far From Home Graffiti Truck

Sasquatch Photos

Jun 5th 2008 — Concert Photography,Music,Sasquatch Festival — 2:51 pm

A wee bit o’ Sasquatch for ya.

Beirut Zach Beirut 2 Ukes Beirut Trio Beirut Zach Again Mainstage Lawn Crowd White Rabbits White Rabbits Again Will from Okkervil River A guy from Dyme Def Matt Costa Pelle Almqvist and Dr. Matt Destruction from the Hives. Hives Singer Hives Crowd Hives Band Built to Spill- DougBattles - Ian Williams Battles-Tyondai Braxton Battles- John Stanier (drummer) Battles-Tyondai Braxton again Battles - Ian Williams Again Battles- Dave Konopka

San Fransisco Day 1

Jun 4th 2008 — San Francisco — 12:28 pm

After Yosemite we camped right outside the park in some national forest. In the morning we drove the remaining couple of hours into San Jose and found the place Davy had acquired back in Asheville. The next day we drove to San Francisco, a surprisingly scenic hour drive on Highway 280.

We had been blasting the AC all the way since San Jose was about 90 degrees. Arriving in San Francisco I suggested we try the windows. Rolling them down we were really surprised to feel that San Francisco was about 30-40 degrees colder than San Jose. It has its own weather due to ocean winds and the whole day I was wishing I had brought warmer clothes.

Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco Boats Tait’s.  Davy at the Wharf Creepy Cityscape Cable Car Turnaround Street Corner From the Top of Lombard Street

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