A Little Inspiration

Jul 30th 2008 — News — Tags: — 11:13 pm

The following inspirational message comes from this site.

Ice Cube Dream

I stumbled upon the picture yesterday on Reddit, one of my favorite websites as of recent. It is a decent source for news as well as that very special randomness generated by the great provider of the modern era, Ye Olde Internets.

All silliness aside, I do think it is good to keep on dreaming.

(As does Gary Spivey)

Bozeman Hailstorm

Jul 23rd 2008 — Bozeman,Montana — 9:25 am

Yesterday in Bozeman we had a couple of short but serious storms. In summer the weather around here is typically dry but yesterday was an exception.

I had my camera for the 2nd storm.

This was right before the serious stuff started. I realized I should get my camera and by the time I ran inside and came out again things had already changed dramatically. Hailing in Bozeman Hail on the Driveway Hail on the Grass Clouds on the Bridger Mountains A field after the storm

…more from Glacier

Jul 18th 2008 — Family,Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 8:22 am

These were all taken the same day as the previous post, but unlike the previous post they are not in chronological order.

Scott at Lake Josephine Waterfall from the Going to the Sun Road Rebecca and Scott at Virginia Falls Hilary Schoendorf overlook Sunset looking west from Logan Pass. Hilary, Rebecca, and Scott. Rebecca at Virginia Falls The Saint Mary River Virginia Falls is some horrible light for taking a picture.

…and then we stayed in Glacier

Jul 17th 2008 — Family,Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 6:15 am

McDonald Creek from the Going to the Sun Road Hilary and Scott keeping it real McDonald Creek again Looking southish(?) from the Going to the Sun Road Rebecca and Scott blinded by the light The white dots are water, they are standing in front of Virginia Falls Mt. Gould Lake Josephine I’m not  sure what I’m doing in this picture. Scott is proudly displaying the Hungry Horse News Many Glacier Lodge on the edge of Swiftcurrent Lake Swiftcurrent Creek with Wynn Mountain in the background

…and then we went to Glacier

Jul 16th 2008 — Family,Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 12:33 pm

After a big winter the Going to the Sun Road finally opened a week or so into July.

Scott and Rebecca at Burger Town Sunlight fading on the Going to the Sun Road west of Logan Pass Glacier National Park Moon The Hungry Horse Motel, in the bustling metropolis of Hungry Horse, Montana Outside the hotel room at the Hungry Horse Motel

…and then we went to Missoula

Jul 15th 2008 — Family,Missoula,Montana — 8:37 am

Rebecca Chilling Scott Chilling Hilary Chilling Walking Downtown Mi Hermana y Yo Eating Thai Food

Lawdy, Rebecca’s in Yellowstone

Jul 14th 2008 — Family,National Parks,Yellowstone — 4:23 pm

My sister Rebecca and her boyfriend Scott came to visit me. It was a most excellent time.

Here are some pictures of their first full day here. We drove down to Yellowstone.

Rebecca and Scott at Upper Mammoth Terrace Some cool blue color at Upper Mammoth Terrace My wonderful sister Rebecca Rebecca wading in the river around lunchtime. Scott’s Extreme Close-up I put pictures of this guy up a few weeks ago. I called it Scalloped Spring but that is not the right name. I don’t know what the right name is. I am a big fan of the raised walkway. It keeps the landscape pristine. The fact that you might break through and get scalded if you try to walk on the thin surface at Upper Geyser Basin does a lot to keep the tourists in line as well. A view of Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park It was warm and we were out in the sun for a while. Being indoors was a welcome change. Rebecca eating strawberry ice cream Scope out the phatty couches at this place. I think it might be the Yellowstone Lodge. We watched Old Faithful from indoors eating ice cream. The best way to experience it, in my humble opinion.

The Adventure Cycling Association

Jul 8th 2008 — Biking,Missoula,Montana — 4:51 pm

I am a firm believer that the bicycle is one of the greatest inventions ever.

It was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon the Adventure Cycling Association in Missoula, which seems to exist solely for the purpose of promoting bicycle touring, one of the best ways to travel possible.

There were a lot of fun pictures on the wall of people doing tours who stopped by and ended up having their pictures taken, so I did the ol’ take a picture of a picture. Hopefully they are big enough here to see whats going on.

Ah yes, bicycle transportation, no war required.

The Adventure Cycling Association, Missoula Montana Adventure Cycling Association Interior American Cycling Association Interior 2 Polaroid shots of recent bicyclists to stop by the Adventure Cycling Association. Bicycle Tourers in 1982 Sign corresponding to 1982 Tourers Bicycle Tourers from 1993-1996 Sign corresponding to 1993-1996 Tourers

Missoula Randomness

Jul 6th 2008 — Missoula,Montana — 12:29 pm

A few random pictures from last weekend in Missoula.

Cello Street Musician, Kayakers on the Clark Fork River at Sunset Pat on the trampoline. Grafitti Face Josh fishing on the Blackfoot River. Ella on the Trampoline

Moving Day

Jul 2nd 2008 — Asheville,Bozeman — 9:53 pm

After having a very carefree beginning of the summer with lots of time to take and post pictures, this week has found yours truly both starting to teach summer school and being the only person responsible for the de-cluttering and subsequent cleaning for a landlord’s inspection of a 5 bedroom house that has spent 3 years being a free for all.

Today was supposed to be the end of my residence at 1320 S 6th Ave all but the inspector person didn’t show up. ( actually 4 days ago was the original plan but things keep coming up).

The point is 7 hours of scrubbing starts to get to you.

Another point is don’t fill your abode with a bunch of crap you don’t actually want/need because one day you (or your roommate) might have to move it.

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