Regionals Aftermath and Bozo Bag Game

Oct 30th 2008 — Bozeman — 1:46 pm

The Bozeman Ultimate crew got together after their fine performance at Northwest Mixed Regionals. Joey took some video at the tournament and along with her husband Camas, had the team over to her house to watch it.

Towards the end of the night the bag game was played (This is when I realized I had my camera with me). The goal is to pick the bag up off the ground with your mouth, with only 1 foot on the floor. Every round the bag gets cut so it is shorter and shorter. I am not very good at this game.

It was a great evening though, thanks to the Key’s for having us over. And thanks to Cyn for making the most epic spinach-artichoke dip ever.

Montana State Rail Jam

Oct 28th 2008 — Bozeman,Snowboarding — 12:48 am

This was the scene in the middle afternoon out in front of the library at MSU Bozeman last Thursday.

It makes me feel old to wonder why these kids are wearing what they are wearing. The gnome look seems to be in this year.

I believe this was put on by a fraternity..(Sigma ????) to raise money for cancer.

Springhill Road Biking

Oct 25th 2008 — Biking,Bozeman — 9:14 am

On Thursday Jeff and I took advantage of the nice weather and managed to get out in the evening on a bike ride to Belgrade.

Sulock Family Album 3

Oct 22nd 2008 — Family,Sulock Family Album — 11:32 pm

Hyalite Canyon Biking

Oct 19th 2008 — Biking,Bozeman — 10:35 pm

I have a big test tomorrow but the weather this weekend was too nice to stay inside under the fluorescent lights all day.

My boy Jeff and I did a road ride up Hyalite Canyon today. It was phat yo. Check out these sweet pics. Bozeman rulez.

Norris and Upper Geyser Basins

Oct 16th 2008 — Yellowstone — 11:38 pm

These are the last of the pictures of Yellowstone from last weekend. After Norris we went to Upper Geyser Basin. It was the first time I’d seen it in the snow. Certainly way less tourists trying to see Old Faithful than in the summertime. The giant parking lot was almost completely empty.

Yellowstone Continued.

Oct 15th 2008 — Yellowstone — 9:02 am

I enjoyed the cold weather because it brought out the contrast between the temperatures inside the Earth and on its surface. Seeing the exact same things in the summer is a totally different experience.

Yellowstone to Norris Geyser Basin

Oct 13th 2008 — Yellowstone — 8:39 pm

Saturday in Yellowstone they had closed all but the northernmost road from Mammoth to Tower due to the snow. I really wanted to check out some geothermal stuff farther south, but the prognosis for road openings Sunday looked grim.

We headed towards Upper Mammoth Terrace with the plan of going for a walk around there (this area is open year-round) and hoping that the road south would be opened up by the time we were done. (This was about 11 am)

We arrived at the parking area to see the familiar sight from Saturday of the ranger’s Jeep parked in front of the barricade across the road with a half dozen or so tourist cars parked nearby. Hilary’s plan was to go over and talk to the ranger about when they might open the road.

No sooner did I turn the engine off and get out did we hear someone in an excited tone say something about “saddling up” and see the waiting people file into their cars as the ranger proceeded to open the gates.

We headed through the gate and south on a newly plowed and sanded road through pine forests covered in a fresh blanket of snow.

It was one of those moments where everything works out and you can’t help but think the universe made it happen just for you.

October Snow in Yellowstone

Oct 13th 2008 — Yellowstone — 11:49 am

It has been snowing in Bozeman for the last 3 days. Hilary and I took a trip down to Yellowstone for the weekend. The landscape made it seem like winter had arrived, although I’m hoping for a little more fall before it really sets it.

Bozeman Fall

Oct 9th 2008 — Bozeman,School — 8:23 pm

Fall goes by quickly in Bozeman. School has been keeping me well occupied these days, but I have managed to take a few pictures of the season on occasion.

Fall Weekend in Missoula

Oct 6th 2008 — Missoula,Montana — 9:34 am

Separated My Shoulder

Oct 3rd 2008 — Misc — 11:36 am

As far as I can tell this is what my right shoulder resembles now ( type 3 AC separation) after landing on it trying to catch a disc on Wednesday. It hurt like hell Wed. night but thanks to ice, ibuprofen, and Oxycodone it feels much better now.

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