The Ohrmann Museum and Gallery

Jan 28th 2009 — Montana — 12:06 am

We were almost to Drummond and drove out of the sunlight into the fog of the inversion. Everything was coated in ice and we drove by some giant animal sculptures. I made Hilary turn around so we could check it out.

It turns out the place is the residence and museum of an almost 90 year old retired rancher, Bill Ohrmann, who just paints and sculpts now. (I got this information from this article in the Missoulian) The man makes some amazing things. If I was an artist I would like to made an 8 foot tall steel grizzly bear. The ice covered stillness of it all made the experience a little surreal.

Usually Open Bird Sculpture Goat Hil and Bear Mammoth Two Birds Museum Clouds dsc_5924

The Pintler Scenic Loop

Jan 26th 2009 — Montana — 6:50 pm

Instead of taking 50 miles of I-90 between Bozeman and Missoula you can take a detour on the Pintler Scenic Loop. I have driven past the sign for it countless times, but until last Monday never scoped it out.

The route leaves the interstate at Anaconda and comes back at Drummond. Calling it a loop is a bit of a misnomer, more like a “Scenic C”.

There were some interesting sights along the way, Anaconda is a classic small town. The town of Philipsburg is located on the route, and we stopped briefly to walk around its vibrant (for a town of 900 at least) downtown.

Anaconda House Downtown Philipsburg Philipsburg Cany Store Philipsburg Candy Store 2 Church Montana Sunset

Christmas Misc Misc

Jan 14th 2009 — Family — 11:33 pm

Happy Birthday Mom!

dsc_5050 dsc_5183 dsc_5315 dsc_5349 dsc_5515 dsc_5493

Christmas Misc

Jan 13th 2009 — Family — 12:03 am

dsc_4941 dsc_4949 dsc_4959 dsc_4963 dsc_4981 dsc_5119

Flying from Asheville to Bozeman

Jan 11th 2009 — Asheville,Bozeman — 11:18 pm

Happy Birthday Davy!

dsc_5730 dsc_5735 dsc_5746 dsc_5752 dsc_5770 dsc_5773

Mount Pisgah

Jan 7th 2009 — Asheville,Family — 11:06 pm

A few more pictures of a warm North Carolina Sunday in January.

dsc_5583 dsc_5598 dsc_5612 dsc_5624 dsc_5631 dsc_5635 dsc_5640 dsc_5673 dsc_5678

Western North Carolina

Jan 6th 2009 — Asheville — 9:26 pm

These pictures are all from a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and a hike up Mount Pisgah, a Sulock family favorite. It was my last day in North Carolina and it was probably about 65 degrees.

dsc_5601 dsc_5616 dsc_5652 dsc_5677 dsc_5709 dsc_5607

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