Biking Arches National Park

Mar 27th 2009 — Arches,Biking,Utah — 6:19 pm

The ride we did the first day in Arches ended up being a splendid introduction to the area. From bike you have a wide open view of the high rocks close the road and can really get a sense of the landscape.

Hil Biking Arches Rock Arches Rock 2 My Bike Uphill Stretch La Salle Mountains

Driving from Bozeman to Moab: White to Red

Mar 25th 2009 — Arches,Montana,Utah — 8:56 pm

Last week was Spring Break. I took a trip down to Moab, Utah. Jeff took me from Bozeman to Idaho Falls and Hilary picked me up on her way from Missoula. It was a sneaky maneuver that sped things up a bit.

We brought our bikes down there and enjoyed the bright blue sky and red desert sandstone.

Cow Mountain In Yellowstone Snow First Utah Morning Archer NP Arches National Park 2

Hiking the Bozeman “M”

Mar 10th 2009 — Bozeman — 12:02 am

These are from a hike a couple of weeks ago before winter made its return.

Going Up Hil Eyes Closed Michael The M Gallatin Valley Looking Westish Looking South Montana State University Not A Sunset Picture Looking West

Bozeman Explosion 2

Mar 8th 2009 — Bozeman — 11:52 pm

This is what the scene looked like last night at about 11 pm. They found the body of the woman who had been missing today.

Explosion Site Police Cars Deserted Downtown

Bozeman Explosion

Mar 5th 2009 — Bozeman — 11:46 pm

This morning at 8 am an explosion completely demolished several buildings in downtown Bozeman. Five businesses were completely destroyed, including the Rocking R Bar, a fairly popular destination in downtown Bozeman.

I went downtown twice today to see what was happening. It was definitely a dramatic scene, centered around a giant column of dark smoke. Police officers and firefighters were all over he place as crowds gathered at every street corner to try to get a better view.

A before and after picture of the area.

North Bozeman Ave From Babcock Fire Fighter The Bozeman dsc_6568 Playground Boarded Up On Patrol Still Working

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