Badger Pass Downhill Video

May 31st 2009 — Biking,Bozeman to Missoula,Montana — 11:47 am

Three minutes and twenty seconds of downhill after climbing Badger Pass, taken with a Gorillapod attached to my handlebars.

Biking Bozeman to Missoula 3

May 29th 2009 — Biking,Bozeman to Missoula,Montana — 10:20 am

Busy Sign Bitterroot River Busy Biking Camping Last Night Cows Aftermath

Biking Bozeman to Missoula 2

May 28th 2009 — Biking,Bozeman to Missoula,Montana — 9:01 am

The incredible journey of Jeff Business Spence.

Jeff Breakfast Big Hole Valley Big Hole Valley Jackson Hot Springs Wisdom Campground Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest

Biking Bozeman to Missoula 1

May 26th 2009 — Biking,Bozeman to Missoula,Montana — 3:28 pm

Here are some pictures from the first couple of days of our bike ride. The first day we rode about 60 miles to Lewis and Clark State Park. The next day we went through Whitehall and then south towards Dillon through the Big Hole Valley.

Jeff in Churchill Jeff Posed img_2777 First Night Lewis and Clark State Park Near Whitehall Lewis and Clark Quote Silver Star Montana Twin Bridges, Montana

Finished School and a Bike Trip

May 21st 2009 — School — 8:46 am

In the last week I have

1) Finished school (M.S. in Statistics from Montana State University)
2) Biked from Bozeman to Missoula (330 miles)
3) Packed my stuff up and moved to Missoula

It has been a big week, and with the Sasquatch Music Festival this weekend the action continues.

Thanks to everyone that helped me get through the last three years. It is crazy to me how fast time passes. Days go by like hours used to when I was little.

The bike trip was epic. I will put up more pictures later. Now I have some unpacking to do.


Biking Video

May 7th 2009 — Biking,Canyonlands,Utah — 10:32 pm

Here is a short video I took when when were riding our bikes in Canyonlands. I believe those are the La Salle Mountains. The video messes up at the end when I had to stop myself from eating it.

Montana State Hospital 1897

May 6th 2009 — Montana — 9:13 pm

Right about about mile marker 210 on I-90 between Missoula and Bozeman you pass the exit for Warm Springs and the Montana State Hospital. I have looked at this place countless times and until a few weeks ago had never actually stopped. It is a psychiatric hospital.

The whole place definitely has a bit of an odd feel to it. From the interstate you can see that most of the trees in the area were drastically trimmed a number of years ago, and the result is row of big trees lining the road with giant trunks and little wispy branches coming out of them. We were stopped by a couple of security guards making sure we didn’t take pictures of any of the patients.

I don’t mean to disparage people who work in the mental health industry. The whole place just looked like it needed some more money to steer it off the path of being the location for the next Friday the 13th movie.

They publicize their admissions data, which tells where they receive patients from, both geographically and from what type of care facility.

Sign Old Building

Old Barn img_2730

Montana State Indian Council Pow-Wow

May 5th 2009 — Bozeman,MSU Pow Wow — 10:28 pm

One last set of pictures from the Indian Council Pow-Wow.

Hold on to yer butts because school is coming down to the wire. Less than a week and I will be done. If you are reading this and you think about it, send some good test vibes my way.

Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow

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