Note to Self

Sep 20th 2009 — Music — 7:53 pm

In a Firetower

Sep 18th 2009 — Montana — 9:01 am

Where we spent last weekend.

Making Dinner Catwalk Scrabble Sunset Tower at Night View Cleaning Up Inside Leaving

Going Home

Sep 16th 2009 — Grand Teton — 9:53 am

From Static Peak at 11,303 ft, about 10 miles of hiking to Death Canyon Trailhead at 6800 ft. Load up the car, down highway 287 to Jackson, west over Jackson Pass, north through Idaho to West Yellowstone, through Gallatin Canyon to Bozeman, drop off Busy, 200 more miles west down I-90 to Missoula, Montana. It was a long day.

Static Peak Divide Going Down Jackson Hole Death Canyon Albright Peak Forest Trail Death Canyon Yo Death Canyon from Road Jackson Hole Ski Resort Farmer Tetons from Idaho

To Static Peak Summit

Sep 14th 2009 — Grand Teton — 9:59 am

Our last day was the most epic. After eating breakfast and packing up, we hiked out of Alaska Basin, and alongside the base of Buck Mountain. After cutting around Buck Mountain the trail takes you up some really steep mountainside with some amazing views until you are within a couple hundred feet of Static Peak.

Busy and I made a short excursion to the top of Static Peak and were rewarded with some really nice views of the Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, and the scenery we had been hiking through for the last day or so.

Alaska Basin Saddle Hil Map Checking Beside Buck Mountain Steep Trail Death Canyon View Static Peak View Static Peak Ridge Buck and Grand Teton Buck Mountain and Alaska Basin Grand Teton Jenny and Jackson Lakes Alaska Basin Busy Summit Michael Summit Static Peak Descent

To Alaska Basin

Sep 11th 2009 — Grand Teton — 9:30 am

Alaska Basin Alaska Basin 2 Hiking Lake Moss and Buck Mountain To Campsite Biz after Nap Tent in Basin Sunset

The Tetons: Death Canyon Shelf

Sep 10th 2009 — Grand Teton — 9:40 am

The first part of our second day.

The Grand Teton End of Death Canyon Sign Wildflowers Death Canyon Shelf Shelf Trail Death Canyon Sky Yo Hil and Biz Clouds and Tetons Biz Signs

Happy Birthday Dad!

Sep 9th 2009 — Sulock Family Album — 10:35 am

Mom with Cake Dad and Parents Little League Dad Rebecca Cake Dad Rebecca Cake The Shore Bowling Balloons Flicking Cake

Teton Backpacking Day 1 Continued

Sep 8th 2009 — Grand Teton — 8:07 pm

A few more pictures from the evening of our first day in Death Canyon.

Stream Death Canyon Walking into Sun Moose Standing Moose over Bushes Hil, Jeff, Field Moose Bright Antlers Up At Death Canyon Shelf Teton Map 2

Backpacking Grand Teton National Park

Sep 8th 2009 — Grand Teton — 1:48 pm

Just got back from an uber-crunk 2 night backpacking trip in the Tetons.

These pictures are all from the first day. We started a little south of the Grand at Death Canyon Trailhead, and hiked about 8 miles or so past Phelps Lake, up into the Canyon, where we camped.

Busy and the Tetons Hilary Aspens Michael Hilary Phelps Lake Michael Busy Ferns Trail Michael Death Canyon Berries Death Canyon and Phelps Lake Moose Flower Death Canyon Stream Crossing Woods

The Fiery Furnaces and White Rabbits at the Grey Eagle Music Hall

Sep 3rd 2009 — Asheville,Concert Photography,Music — 11:21 pm

Both these bands absolutely killed it. They brought the rock with a furious intensity that your average hipster simply cannot comprehend.

On a political/ethical side note: The Fiery Furnaces want you to know the importance of health care reform in the United States that includes a government provided public option.

Perhaps you think it is reprehensible that someone might die, or their child or spouse, because they cannot afford health insurance and the standard of care that comes with it. If so, I encourage you to take a few minutes to contact the politicians who make decisions in your name. Urge them to support legislation that includes an affordable public option to help increase the quality of life for all Americans.

Contact Your Representatives in the House

Contact Your Senators

The Fiery Furnaces Eleanor Friedberger The Fiery Furnaces Eleanor Friedberger 2 Stephen Patterson Alex Even Stephen Patterson White Rabbits Davy and Rebecca

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