Climbing in Lost Horse Canyon

Mar 29th 2010 — Climbing — 6:09 pm

Sunday we went went with our friends Steve and Ann down the Bitterroot to Lost Horse Canyon for a fine day of climbing. It turned out to be a wee bit chiller than forecasted, but quite reasonable for March in Montana.

Vampire Weekend at the Wilma 3/16/10

Mar 26th 2010 — Concert Photography,Missoula,Music — 3:52 pm

We were lucky enough to see Vampire Weekend a few weeks back at the Wilma Theater in downtown Missoula. Scheduled to play 3 shows in a row at Radio City Music Hall in September and with a current tour that has sold out almost every date, they have been gaining popularity rapidly in the last year or so.

The Blow opened, an interesting choice that we spectulated might be local, but turned out to be from Portland.

When Vampire Weekend finally came out the crowd was certainly receptive. Their songs are happy and fun, and the live sound was clear and bright like their records. Playing almost every song off of their new album Contra, and most from their self-titled debut, the energy level in the room was super high from start to finish.

Highlights for me included M79 with the crowd providing the intermittant ‘whoas’ and the choice of one of my favorite songs off their first album, Walcott, to finish their encore. I have listened to their 2 albums countless times and it was a thrill to see the musicians behind the music.

I didn’t take a camera but it looked a lot like this, with the addition of a half-dozen or so chandeliers similar the one on the cover of their first album.

It was their 3rd time in Missoula and their first US show from their current tour.

Missoula, Montana

Mar 15th 2010 — Missoula — 6:50 pm

Cross Country Skiing in Hyalite Canyon

Mar 8th 2010 — Bozeman — 11:56 pm

Our last day we were fortunate enough to be escorted by the Parkers.

A Big Sky Birthday

Mar 3rd 2010 — Montana,Snowboarding — 7:33 pm

I can’t think of anything I would rather have done on my 30th birthday.

Pre-Birthday @ Bridger Bowl

Mar 1st 2010 — Snowboarding — 7:14 pm

Saturday, February 27th was my 30th birthday. To lessen the mental trauma of such a milestone in my journey to oldmandom, plans were devised to slide on snow. My brother Davy flew in from San Jose to celebrate the occasion. Jeff drove in from Denver with his friend Robert. Friday, my pre-birthday, was a sunny day in Bozeman and we were all at Bridger.

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