Climbing Kootenai Canyon

Mar 24th 2011 — Climbing,Montana — 1:05 pm

The name of the route is “Venus DeMilo”. The first 5.11/d I have ever made it to the top of.

David Bowie – Quicksand – Demo Version

Mar 19th 2011 — Music — 8:53 am

Yesterday at the University of Montana

Mar 18th 2011 — School — 11:05 am

When you teach at 8am the week after daylight savings time you get to see remnants of the sunrise. Combined with the light snow overnight made for a pleasant bike ride to campus.

Sulock Family Album 7

Mar 15th 2011 — Sulock Family Album — 9:10 pm

Mill Creek Rock Climbing

Mar 13th 2011 — Climbing,Mill Creek — 9:17 pm

Pictures from a 4-pitch climb in Mill Creek Canyon. A pitch of 5.10something, two of 5.11something, and one of 5.9. I led the first pitch with a bit of difficulty at the crux. Conner led the 2nd, Steve the 3rd, and both of them led the 4th. I managed to drop my shoe after the 2nd pitch.

Yesterday in Missoula

Mar 7th 2011 — Missoula — 7:05 am

Iron and Wine: Tree By the River

Mar 5th 2011 — Music — 10:48 am

“Happy just to be with you, and you were happy for me..”

Missoula Morning

Mar 3rd 2011 — Missoula — 12:31 pm

Ski Winter Park

Mar 2nd 2011 — Snowboarding — 6:01 pm

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