Aroostook County, Maine

Jun 30th 2011 — Maine — 1:07 pm

Aroostook County, Maine. Sight of the first successful transatlantic balloon launch. The Maine School of Science and Mathematics is my home until July 26th.

Day 10: California State Parks: Van Damme Beach to Salt Point

Jun 23rd 2011 — Biking,California,Portland to San Francisco — 7:47 am

Day 10. Another amazing day of riding on the Pacific Coast. Strong tailwinds all day. If you ever want to bike the Pacific Coast, I can’t stress the importance of biking north to south enough. I cringed every time we saw people heading north.

Inside Job

Jun 13th 2011 — News — 11:37 pm

“The film is about the systemic corruption of the United States by the financial services industry” – Charles Ferguson, director

Winner of 2011 Oscar for Best Documentary

Day 9: To Highway 1

Jun 13th 2011 — Biking,California,Portland to San Francisco — 10:08 am

From Richardson Grove State Park to Van Damme Beach State Park.

Day 8: Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Jun 9th 2011 — Biking,California,Portland to San Francisco — 3:53 pm

One of my favorite days. The road went inland so it was warmer, and much of it was spent biking on the Avenue of the Giants. 30 miles of almost zero traffic through monstrously large redwoods. We also came across a free barbecue that a local business was putting on, complete with hippy sodas and a dj who was surprisingly good given the circumstances.

Day 7: Redwoods

Jun 8th 2011 — Biking,California,Portland to San Francisco — 12:03 pm

This was a big day of biking, around 80 miles or so. I remember being quite tired by the end of it. We ended up staying at a commercial campground, there was a brewery nearby we had been told about. By the time we got there, we were too exhausted to check it out though.

Day 6: To Elk Prairie Campground

Jun 8th 2011 — Biking,Portland to San Francisco — 11:03 am

Highway 101 is now the Redwoods Highway.

Day 5: to Harris Beach State Park

Jun 7th 2011 — Biking,Portland to San Francisco — 6:38 pm

With two amazing Jalapeno Burrito’s in tow, we had a much more reasonable day of biking. The woman at Harris Beach State Park said we were the first hiker-bikers she had seen of the season. This was our last night in Oregon.

Day 4: Reedsport to Bandon

Jun 3rd 2011 — Biking,Portland to San Francisco — 11:39 am

My favorite aspect to bike touring is the simplicity it brings to your life. While you are on tour your life consists of biking, eating, and sleeping. The only choices you have to make are directly related to accomplishing those things. Jeff and I went without the internet for over 2 weeks. It was glorious.

Day 3: Lincoln City to Reedsport

Jun 2nd 2011 — Biking,Portland to San Francisco — 10:37 am

Day 3 was our biggest day of riding, 87 miles, including a big uphill starting at mile 80. The ride was basically beside the ocean the entire time. The weather had much improved.

Biking Portland to San Francisco: Reach the Beach

Jun 1st 2011 — Biking,Portland to San Francisco — 2:40 pm

The first two days. PDX to Lincoln City and the Pacific Ocean.

Finally starting to get away from the city of Portland. A house.

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