Ice Climbing

Dec 16th 2012 — Climbing,Montana — 9:02 am

Find sharp things to bash stuff with because it is time for some ice climbing. Big ups to Cole Lawrence for enabling me to participate in this activity for the first time ever.

Hunting with Al – Success

Nov 27th 2012 — Montana — 4:37 pm

Victory around 2pm. Al tried to get me to go back out with him and get another one but I was too cozy and tired in the cab of the truck for movement.

Hunting with Al – Wandering

Nov 26th 2012 — Montana — 5:49 am

We saw a few deer. The scenery was classic Montana.

Hunting with Al – Early Morning

Nov 24th 2012 — Montana — 8:18 pm

4:00am wakeup. Hunting by dawn. Mucho café con leche.

The Impalas – Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)

Nov 8th 2012 — Music,Songs — 9:40 am

Montana Ballot Initiative No. 166

Nov 6th 2012 — Montana — 5:01 pm

Ballot initiative I-166 establishes a state policy that corportations are not entitled to constitutional rights because they are not human beings

Moogfest Weekend in Asheville

Nov 1st 2012 — Asheville — 8:48 am

60 hours in Asheville. Family + friends + Moogfest + 2 rounds of disc golf.

Bass Creek Climbing

Oct 22nd 2012 — Climbing,Montana — 10:16 pm

Climbing in Bass Creek Canyon for the first time ever. Closer to Missoula than Kootenai!

Hiking the “M”

Oct 22nd 2012 — Missoula — 7:08 am

It was a beautiful fall weekend in Missoula.

Fall Cragging

Oct 15th 2012 — Climbing,Montana — 7:27 pm

Yesterday Conor, Tess, Steve and I went out to Kootenai Canyon. I was proud of myself for getting to the top of Venus deMilo, at 5.11d my hardest route attempted on lead ever.

Also, on Saturday I did my first rope solo in Lolo with Conor. Rope-soloing means you are using a rope to protect your falls but no one is belaying you. I think I might be a fan.

Built to Spill – “Made Up Dreams”

Oct 2nd 2012 — Built to Spill,Music — 8:37 pm

“No one wants to hear what you dreamt about, unless you dreamt about them. Don’t let that stop you, tell them anyway.”

Le Grande Teton: The Descent

Sep 6th 2012 — Climbing,Grand Teton — 8:34 am

Gotta get up to get down.

Django Reinhardt – The Sheik of Araby

Sep 3rd 2012 — Music,Songs — 7:37 pm

One of the greatest guitarists who has ever lived, and he did it all with 2 fingers.

Le Grande Teton: The Climbing

Aug 24th 2012 — Climbing,Grand Teton — 10:00 am

The quality of the rock was excellent. We traded leads and moved quickly as retreating if the weather got bad would be rather difficult.

Le Grande Teton: Early Morning

Aug 24th 2012 — Climbing,Grand Teton — 9:27 am

We set our alarms for 4:30am but I was awake before then. We made breakfast in the dark and set out to find the base of the route. About halfway there it was light enough to not need headlamps anymore. Our plan was to do the Beyer East Face I, and we were at the base of the climb before 7am.

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