Ray Charles- Don’t Change on Me

Jul 30th 2012 — Music,Songs — 10:25 am


Jul 23rd 2012 — Montana — 12:14 am


Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness Day 2

Jul 16th 2012 — Montana — 7:24 am

Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness Backpacking

Jul 15th 2012 — Montana — 8:46 pm

3 days outside with my friend Brian and his dog Max. These are from the first day, where we camped at Rainbow Lake.

Asheville in the Summer

Jul 9th 2012 — Asheville,North Carolina — 5:04 pm

A little while ago I was in Asheville for a little while. This is what it looked like sometimes.

The North Carolina Arboretum Bonsai Exhibit

Jul 8th 2012 — Asheville,North Carolina — 9:26 am

The Magnetic Fields – Take Ecstasy With Me

Jul 1st 2012 — Music,Songs — 11:35 am

Originally appeared on their 1994 album “Holiday” with songwriter Stephin Merrit singing. Here Susan Anway sings. She was the vocalist for the first two Magnetic Fields records, Distant Plastic Trees (1991) and The Wayward Bus (1992) .

This version appears on the 1999 album “Merge On”, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of their Durham, NC based record label, Merge Records.

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