Le Grande Teton: The Climbing

Aug 24th 2012 — Climbing,Grand Teton — 10:00 am

The quality of the rock was excellent. We traded leads and moved quickly as retreating if the weather got bad would be rather difficult.

Le Grande Teton: Early Morning

Aug 24th 2012 — Climbing,Grand Teton — 9:27 am

We set our alarms for 4:30am but I was awake before then. We made breakfast in the dark and set out to find the base of the route. About halfway there it was light enough to not need headlamps anymore. Our plan was to do the Beyer East Face I, and we were at the base of the climb before 7am.

Le Grande Teton: The Approach

Aug 23rd 2012 — Climbing,Grand Teton,National Parks — 12:05 am

I spent the last couple days climbing the Grande Teton with my friend Conor. It was beautiful and humbling. Before you climb you hike 7 miles, gaining around 5000 ft of elevation.

A Bit of Glacier

Aug 18th 2012 — Glacier,National Parks — 9:17 am

A few days spent in the western part of the park last week. Dollar dollar billz yall.

Mendocino Historic Walking Tour

Aug 13th 2012 — California — 6:15 pm

Mendocino, CA

Aug 13th 2012 — California — 5:47 pm

We left San Francisco and drove up Highway 1. Eventually we were in Mendocino. A ridiculously quaint town full of artists overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Aug 12th 2012 — San Francisco — 9:00 am

Ferry Ride From Sausalito to San Francisco

Aug 8th 2012 — San Francisco — 7:05 pm

Biking the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito

Aug 7th 2012 — San Francisco — 7:07 pm

Powell-Mason Cable Car Line

Aug 7th 2012 — San Francisco — 9:18 am

San Francisco, leaving you can be such a drag. Family vacay in C A ended yesterday.

One morning the ‘rents and I rode cable cars. A charming experience.

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