Back East

Jan 16th 2013 — Family,North Carolina — 9:27 am

Back in the Blue Ridge. So many good folks. So little time.

Family Singing Family Again Coming Back Michael and Val Asheville 1 Asheville 2 Jon and Jen's Goofin Prayer Flags

Prodigal Farm

Jan 13th 2013 — North Carolina — 11:28 am

Pictures from a brief trip with my friend Abigail to the goatcentric farm she worked on outside Durham, NC.

Experiencing farm life up close, in its many forms, made me more aware that food does not come from a grocery store, it comes from a farm.

Chewing Goat Prodigal Farm Free Goats Dinner 1 Dinner 2 _JMS8841 Milking Goats Goat 1 _JMS8854

In The New Year

Jan 1st 2013 — Music,The Walkmen — 9:03 am

The Walkmen ladies and gentlemen.

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