Shakespeare Ghost Town

Oct 29th 2013 — Ghost Towns — 11:15 pm

While I was driving from NC to CA with my friend Val in August we stopped at Shakespeare Ghost Town outside of Lordsburg in southwest New Mexico on I-10. Out of dumb luck we arrived just in time for a tour, which only happen on 2 days out of every month.

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XXYYXX – About You

Oct 27th 2013 — Music,Songs — 10:37 am

The Red River Gorge

Oct 6th 2013 — Climbing,NC and Kentucky — 4:18 pm

Last week I drove up to the Red River Gorge and did a few days of climbing there. I was lucky enough to meet Alex at Miguel’s Pizza after about 5 minutes of trying to find a partner. He turned out to be an awesome guy and super-fun to climb with.

This was the first climbing I have done since leaving Montana and my first time climbing in the east in nearly 10 years. I hope to go back again in the next week or so.

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