Cedar Rock with Steve

Nov 30th 2013 — Climbing,NC and Kentucky,North Carolina — 11:21 am

Met my friend Steve in Brevard and spent a day a sunny day at Cedar Rock. It was my first time climbing there. Lots of water coming down but we managed to find some parts that were (mostly) dry. Steve was a big factor for me getting back into climbing after moving to Missoula and it was great to meet up with him in the east.

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Red River Gorge in November

Nov 13th 2013 — Climbing,NC and Kentucky — 7:50 am

3 days at the Red with Tucker.

The first day we got our butts kicked trad climbing, ending with my first rappel in the dark after starting some adventure-chimney route near dusk. The start was a small roof where you are hanging from 2 hand jams after scrambling up a little ways, pretty serious for 5.8 I thought.

By the third day we left the trad-rack in the car. (gasp)

All the climbers we met were friendly, the sandstone was solid and varied, and the woods had a welcoming deciduous forest softness to them.

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Rumbling Bald

Nov 12th 2013 — Climbing,NC and Kentucky,North Carolina — 9:40 am

Warm climbing 40 minutes from Asheville in early November.

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Nov 4th 2013 — North Carolina — 11:48 pm

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