Red Rock Canyon

Apr 27th 2014 — Climbing — 10:26 am

Sandstone climbing just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Highlights were the Original Route on Rainbow Wall and Epinephrine.
Campground Morning Tent Sign Mount Something Calico Hills Rainbow Wall Calico Hills 2 Desert Rainbow Wall Again Pine Creek Canyon Rainbow Wall Again Sam y Yo Black Velvet Canyon Epinephrine 1 Epinephrine 2

Moonlight Buttress

Apr 22nd 2014 — Climbing,National Parks,Utah,Walls,Zion — 12:24 pm

Cole and I climbed Moonlight Buttress. This involved a day to climb the first several pitches, a rest day, and then we did the route in a day. I don’t have pictures from the ascent day because my camera broke on this trip (again).

A chap by the name of Alex Honnold got famous by climbing this route without a rope in a little over two hours on April 1, 2008.

Parking Walking Road Walking Meadow River Crossing Moonlight Up Hill Pitch 2 View Pitch 3 Pitch 3 Scared Pitch 4

Zion NP: Hiking Nob Valley

Apr 18th 2014 — National Parks,Zion — 12:27 pm

Last week I went for a hike. Nob Valley trailhead to Kolob Arch and back.

It was lovely. Here’s what it looked like sometimes.

_JMS2287 _JMS2297 _JMS2381 _JMS2398 _JMS2410 _JMS2415 _JMS2436 _JMS2536 _JMS2546

Indian Creek Extravaganza

Apr 11th 2014 — Climbing,Indian Creek,Utah — 12:29 pm

Yo Colorado River Night Paul Paul Sending Getting Down Yo Evening Light Cole Bridger Jack Spires Big Cat Johnny Cat 6 Shooters The Overlook Supercrack

Back at the Creek

Apr 8th 2014 — Climbing,Indian Creek,Utah — 11:10 am

Indian Creek, Utah. Splitters brah. Splitters.

IMG_0177 IMG_0180 IMG_0183 IMG_0186 IMG_0190 IMG_0197 IMG_0201 IMG_0204 IMG_0208


Apr 5th 2014 — Cities — 9:15 am

So I drove from NC to Denver. NBD.


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