Last Winter in Western NC

Oct 14th 2016 — Asheville,Family,NC and Kentucky — 10:14 am

I felt like getting back to NC and having a roof over my head would make everything coherent. Didn’t quite work out completely as I planned. But what does, right? It was nice to see my family and be around the softness of the Appalachian Mountains.

Davy and Me Hiking Cold Mountain Cold Mountain 2 Davy on Rock Shrooms Woods Rumbling Bald Looking Glass Rock Hike with Mom Bartram's Walk Linville Gorge

David Foster Wallace – This is Water

Oct 8th 2016 — Uncategorized — 9:51 am

“Because, as it turns out, a huge percentage of what I am automatically sure of tends to be totally wrong and deluded”.

“The really important kind of freedom involves attention, and awareness, and discipline, and effort, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them, over and over, in myriad petty little unsexy ways, every day.”

Transcript here

Southwest Traveling

Oct 8th 2016 — Misc — 9:10 am

The next few weeks consisted of basically looking for places to go to be warm. At one point we were at the Grand Canyon on an extremely cold and windy day. Lots of time was spent in the visitor center trying to be warm.

Eventually we drove down to southern Arizona, going as far south as Organ Pipe National Monument, on the border of Mexico. It was blissfully warm but not much going on down there. Tuscon, AZ involved visiting Saguaro National Park and some rock climbing at Mt. Lemmon.

We were invited to Thanksgiving at our friend Michelle’s parents house in Sedona, Arizona. That was a lovely stay. No longer cold, being treated like family. We spent several days there, exploring the area with Michelle and her awesome parents. My first time in Sedona. It is a gorgeous area filled with new-agey people and red cliffs.

A few days in Sedona and Maggie and I drove back to Moab. We spent one last evening up at Dead Horse Point State Park. She had plans to check out the Sierra Nevada’s and my plan was to drive back to Asheville, NC.

Grand Canyon Organ Pipe Organ Pipe 2 Saguaro National Park Tuscon Barrel Cactus Cactus Saguaro National Park Mt Lemmon Tuscon Sedona La Sal Mountains

Kelso Dunes

Oct 1st 2016 — California — 8:13 am

Halfway between Las Vegas and Joshua Tree National Park is the Mojave National Preserve. A surreal landscape of jagged mountains and endless desert valleys. There are some giant sand dunes in there, we camped a couple nights and checked them out.

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