Final Pictures

Jan 21st 2014 — Biking,Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala — 5:49 pm

The day we were riding into one of the largest Mayan sites in Middle America, Tikal, my camera that I had bought right before this trip quit working. Several hours were spent trying to fix this to no avail.

The rest of the trip consisted of

  • camping in Tikal
  • walking around Tikal the next day
  • spending 2.5 days on the gringo-filled island town of Flores for some of the coldest weather of the trip
  • spending a day taking a series of buses from Flores back north to Valladoid, Mexico and camping on the roof of a random abandoned house there
  • biking from Valledoid west to Chichen-Itza, visiting the ruins, and then biking back east to Chemax and camping outside of a random abandoned house
  • biking to Coba and visiting the ruins there
  • biking back to Akumal
  • spending half a day in Akumal
  • taking a series of buses and a cab to the Cancun airport
  • sleeping in Terminal 3 of the Cancun airport
  • Catching a flight back to Greenville the next day
  • The end.

    IMG_0848 IMG_0852 IMG_0856


    Jan 19th 2014 — Biking,Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala — 10:31 am

    On New Years Eve we stopped at the Mayan site Xunantunich, near the Belize/Guatemala border.

    From Wikipedia:

    Xunantunich’s name means “Stone Woman” in the Maya language (Mopan and Yucatec combination name), and, like many names given to Maya archaeological sites, is a modern name; the ancient name is currently unknown.

    Walking In Sign Front Steps Us Clouds View Side Steps Rainy Walking Out Boat Bridge

    West From Belmopan

    Jan 17th 2014 — Biking,Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala — 11:02 am

    If you ever go to Hopkins I would advise against staying at the Kismet Inn, despite their abundant and enticing homemade signs.

    Groceries were actually a bit expensive in Belize and we were happy to be sold some ‘well-baked’ meat pies for 50 cents out of a 5-gallon bucket from a local as we were leaving.

    We road about 20 miles to Dangriga and took a bus back to Belmopan, stayed the night there, and then headed for the border of Guatemala the next day.

    IMG_0734 IMG_0740 IMG_0757 IMG_0759 IMG_0763 IMG_0764

    Biking in Belize: To Belmopan and Hopkins

    Jan 16th 2014 — Biking,Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala — 12:26 pm

    We rode from Belize City to the capital, Belmopan. The roads in Belize were way more rugged that what were were on in Mexico. The scenery reminded me of western North Carolina, with palms replacing the deciduous trees.

    After a night in Belmopan we went back east on the Hummingbird Highway, probably the most picturesque riding of the trip. Relatively hilly at first, then you are in a valley passing numerous small villages. Lots of locals were hanging out near the highway. We probably hollered at a few hundred people. At the advice of a local we rode to Hopkins, a small town on the beach.

    belizebus Stop Walking Cave Jungle View Blue Hole Biking River Mountains

    San Pedro Again

    Jan 15th 2014 — Biking,Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala — 10:53 am

    We woke up beside the ocean. We snorkeled. It rained. We slept in a hotel. We left for Belize City on a boat the next day.

    IMG_0644 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0654 IMG_0661 IMG_0672

    San Pedro

    Jan 12th 2014 — Biking,Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala — 4:27 pm

    Our first day in San Pedro.

    Morning Breakfast Spot Basketball House Beach Biking Chillin Rave Sports Board Swimmers

    Into Belize

    Jan 11th 2014 — Biking,Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala — 10:00 am

    3 days of biking south in Mexico and we ended up in Chetumal. Most of Christmas Day was spent catching a boat to the island of San Pedro, Belize.

    Biking Pedro Antonia Santon Laguna Bacalar CLOUDZ Chetumal Chetumal Waterfront Chetumal Waterfront 2 Customs San Pedro

    Mexico: Akumal and Tulum

    Jan 10th 2014 — Biking,Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala — 11:58 am

    For the holiday season Jeff and I went where it is warm. These pictures are from 2 days at the condo of his awesome aunt Carol in Akumal, and one day of biking south where we stopped at the Mayan ruins in Tulum.

    Akumal Boat Half Moon Bay Getting Ready Tulum Again IMG_0499 Tulum Busy Jungle Hut

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