Moonlight Buttress

Apr 22nd 2014 — Climbing,National Parks,Zion — 12:24 pm

Cole and I climbed Moonlight Buttress. This involved a day to climb the first several pitches, a rest day, and then we did the route in a day. I don’t have pictures from the ascent day because my camera broke on this trip (again).

Also, I chap by the name of Alex Honnold got famous by climbing this route without a rope in a little over two hours on April 1, 2008.

Parking Walking Road Walking Meadow River Crossing Moonlight Up Hill Pitch 2 View Pitch 3 Pitch 3 Scared Pitch 4

Zion NP: Hiking Nob Valley

Apr 18th 2014 — National Parks,Zion — 12:27 pm

Last week I went for a hike. Nob Valley trailhead to Kolob Arch and back.

It was lovely. Here’s what it looked like sometimes.

_JMS2287 _JMS2297 _JMS2381 _JMS2398 _JMS2410 _JMS2415 _JMS2436 _JMS2536 _JMS2546

Biking Alaska – Riding Denali Park Road

Aug 5th 2013 — Biking,Denali — 11:01 pm

We woke up and packed as a trio one last time on the nicest day we had seen in the last 2 weeks. Davy got on a train for Anchorage. His new plan was to fly back to the Bay Area and start a road trip.

Jeff and I put our bikes on the free shuttle that takes you to the end of paved section of the road that goes into the park. We biked 10 miles and dropped our stuff off and Sanctuary River campground. Ironically named, as it turned out to have the most-dense population of mosquitos we encountered in Alaska. Almost unbearable.

We fled the campground and spent the rest of the day biking 40-some miles into the park to Tolkat River. The bus system allowed us to throw our bikes on for free and get a ride back to where we had started.

_JMS0102 _JMS0108 _JMS0142 _JMS0178 _JMS0184 _JMS0198 _JMS0200 _JMS0202 _JMS0218 _JMS0221 _JMS0224 _JMS0229 _JMS0246 _JMS0262 _JMS0263

Hiking Denali National Park

Aug 3rd 2013 — Biking,Denali — 10:37 pm

We had 70 miles to go to get to the main entrance of Denali National Park. After about 10 miles of biking at the top of a large hill I looked back to see Davy riding his bike with one leg and instantly knew the bike tour was over for him. :(

Hitchhiking to the park entrance was our new goal. About 4 cars passed before Barry, an extremely nice manager of a golf course in Fairbanks, stopped in his Toyota Tacoma. We threw our bikes in the back and got a ride to an area outside the park called Glitter Gulch by the locals. Davy used his phone to plan his exit. I drank coffee and observed tourists trying to stay warm on a cold and rainy afternoon.

The next day was spent inside the park hiking. It was the first day of our trip that we didn’t get rained on. Denali itself remained hidden in clouds, but it didn’t really matter, the landscape was immense.

_JMS9968 _JMS9971 _JMS9974 _JMS9981 _JMS9987 _JMS9991 _JMS0004 _JMS0016 _JMS0019 _JMS0022 _JMS0028 _JMS0036 _JMS0037 _JMS0040 _JMS0046 _JMS0050 _JMS0055 _JMS0059 _JMS0070 _JMS0079 _JMS0091

Le Grande Teton: The Descent

Sep 6th 2012 — Climbing,Grand Teton — 8:34 am

Gotta get up to get down.

Le Grande Teton: The Climbing

Aug 24th 2012 — Climbing,Grand Teton — 10:00 am

The quality of the rock was excellent. We traded leads and moved quickly as retreating if the weather got bad would be rather difficult.

Le Grande Teton: Early Morning

Aug 24th 2012 — Climbing,Grand Teton — 9:27 am

We set our alarms for 4:30am but I was awake before then. We made breakfast in the dark and set out to find the base of the route. About halfway there it was light enough to not need headlamps anymore. Our plan was to do the Beyer East Face I, and we were at the base of the climb before 7am.

Le Grande Teton: The Approach

Aug 23rd 2012 — Climbing,Grand Teton,National Parks — 12:05 am

I spent the last couple days climbing the Grande Teton with my friend Conor. It was beautiful and humbling. Before you climb you hike 7 miles, gaining around 5000 ft of elevation.

A Bit of Glacier

Aug 18th 2012 — Glacier,National Parks — 9:17 am

A few days spent in the western part of the park last week. Dollar dollar billz yall.

Yosemite: Final 3 Days

Jun 30th 2012 — Climbing,Yosemite — 8:16 am

Washington Column Day 2

Jun 29th 2012 — Climbing,Yosemite — 9:17 am

You wake up in the morning hundreds of feet above the valley floor. Your day will consist of climbing. Your decision making energy is entirely directed towards climbing. For a brief period of time it is a simpler existence that reminds me of a main reason why I enjoy bike touring so much. Your objectives are clear.

Climbing Washington Column: Day 1

Jun 27th 2012 — Climbing,Yosemite — 7:24 am

Finally the weather cleared and we headed out with our German friends Simon and Lawrence, to climb Washington Column.

I got to lead a pitch of 5.10 to skip a bit of a line that had formed at the second pitch. Definitely felt adventurous. I also did my first ever pitch of aid climbing in a pretty epic setting.

It was awesome to be climbing with Cole, who has quite a bit more big wall experience and the patience to teach the rest of us goobers.

More Cold Yosemite and Some Aid Climbing

Jun 27th 2012 — Climbing,Yosemite — 6:54 am

The next day was cold, cloudy, and raining again. After a lazy morning we went out to practice aid climbing. Aid climbing involves carrying ladders made out of webbing to stand on and allows you to get up sections that would be almost impossible to free climb.

Our plan was to climb the south face of Washington Column as soon as the weather improved, which requires aiding.

Cold Yosemite

Jun 26th 2012 — Yosemite — 8:39 pm

The day after climbing Royal Arches was at a relaxed pace. We hung around Camp 4 and then Cole and I climbed the 2-pitch route Harry Daley (5.8), called “One of Yosemite's best 2 pitch climbs” by some dude.

The first pitch is pretty thin and the second is a handcrack. It was fun to climb on Glacier Point Apron.

The next day was my first day of cruddy weather in Yosemite. Every other day had been sunny, but that day it got about 40 degrees colder (saw snow at times) and was cloudy all day. These pictures are all from the cold day.

No climbing was attempted.

Yosemite- Royal Arches

Jun 25th 2012 — Climbing,Yosemite — 5:47 am

On the 3rd day in the Valley Floor I had met up with my friend Cole and we climbed Royal Arches with Cole’s friend Pete and Pete’s Dad. Royal Arches is 15 or so pitches of wandering easy climbing (5.7). We did a variation that took us up a pitch of 5.9 and easy 5.10. Probably the tallest route I had ever been on

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