Last Winter in Western NC

Oct 14th 2016 — Asheville,Family,NC and Kentucky — 10:14 am

I felt like getting back to NC and having a roof over my head would make everything coherent. Didn’t quite work out completely as I planned. But what does, right? It was nice to see my family and be around the softness of the Appalachian Mountains.

Davy and Me Hiking Cold Mountain Cold Mountain 2 Davy on Rock Shrooms Woods Rumbling Bald Looking Glass Rock Hike with Mom Bartram's Walk Linville Gorge

Asheville, North Carolina

Oct 6th 2015 — Asheville — 11:54 am

A few last summer days in Asheville. Feels like home these days as much as any place does.

Movers LAAF Buskers Chalk Wackers Meaning Kent Mom and Panels Westville Bella Billy Terry

Asheville Summer Extravaganza

Oct 5th 2015 — Asheville — 10:44 am

It’s da people mon. Da people.

Breakin In Rebubba Cartin' Jon Golfing Rebecca y Mom Rebecca y Nathaniel Davy IMG_6494 IMG_6503 IMG_6559 IMG_6573 IMG_6608 IMG_6639 Chocolate Lounge Pack Square Bounce House Chewie Tommy y yo ben's

Asheville Summer

Sep 27th 2015 — Asheville,North Carolina — 4:38 am

Michael Carol Wall St Greenway Sierra Nevada Lexington Ave Pack Square Montford Amen Haywood Haywood Bagels Short Stop Tomatoes Lexington Ave 3 Mom and Pat More Lexington

Moogfest Weekend in Asheville

Nov 1st 2012 — Asheville — 8:48 am

60 hours in Asheville. Family + friends + Moogfest + 2 rounds of disc golf.

Asheville in the Summer

Jul 9th 2012 — Asheville,North Carolina — 5:04 pm

A little while ago I was in Asheville for a little while. This is what it looked like sometimes.

The North Carolina Arboretum Bonsai Exhibit

Jul 8th 2012 — Asheville,North Carolina — 9:26 am

Moogfest 2011

Nov 10th 2011 — Asheville,Concert Photography,Music — 10:36 am

Moogfest 2011. Musical highlights included Battles, Chromeo (in the rain), Crystal Castles, James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, The Flaming Lips, The Antlers, and definitely M83.

Asheville Snow

Jan 20th 2011 — Asheville — 2:38 pm

The Walkmen @ Grey Eagle Music Hall- Asheville NC, 1/14/10

The Walkmen are Paul Maroon, Walter Martin, Matt Barrick, Peter Bauer, and Hamilton Leithauser.

Interview by Dane Smith in the Mountain Xpress

Video of “Angela Surf City” by Jesse Hamm


Jan 5th 2011 — Asheville,North Carolina — 6:48 pm

A warm(ish) day in SC golfing with the Pops. Mom accompanied.

Asheville Christmas Misc

Dec 30th 2010 — Asheville — 12:00 pm

Moogfest 2010, Asheville NC

Nov 16th 2010 — Asheville,Concert Photography,Music — 1:35 pm

Halloween weekend I was lucky enough to be able to fly back to Asheville to attend the 3 day spectacular known as Moogfest. It was a fairy tale weekend with amazing performances from the likes of Hot Chip, Jonsi, Pretty Lights, Big Boi, Massive Attack, and School of 7 Bells. The company and costumes were indescribably grandiose.

These pictures are all in chronological order.

An Asheville Evening

Oct 1st 2009 — Asheville — 9:17 am

A few more pictures of Asheville that I took one evening over the summer.

Asheville Asheville Asheville Asheville Asheville Asheville

The Fiery Furnaces and White Rabbits at the Grey Eagle Music Hall

Sep 3rd 2009 — Asheville,Concert Photography,Music — 11:21 pm

Both these bands absolutely killed it. They brought the rock with a furious intensity that your average hipster simply cannot comprehend.

On a political/ethical side note: The Fiery Furnaces want you to know the importance of health care reform in the United States that includes a government provided public option.

Perhaps you think it is reprehensible that someone might die, or their child or spouse, because they cannot afford health insurance and the standard of care that comes with it. If so, I encourage you to take a few minutes to contact the politicians who make decisions in your name. Urge them to support legislation that includes an affordable public option to help increase the quality of life for all Americans.

Contact Your Representatives in the House

Contact Your Senators

The Fiery Furnaces Eleanor Friedberger The Fiery Furnaces Eleanor Friedberger 2 Stephen Patterson Alex Even Stephen Patterson White Rabbits Davy and Rebecca

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