Hunting With Al

Oct 22nd 2015 — Bozeman,Montana — 8:58 am

My first time walking through the woods carrying a gun looking for something to shoot.

Al Me Snow Trees Lee Metcalf Wildnerness View Al and Ski Sun Bird

Montana With the Parker’s

Oct 10th 2015 — Bozeman — 1:26 pm

A few plane rides and the kindness of a stranger providing a ride from the airport led to Bozeman, MT.

Rocky Jaeda Rocky y Yo Yo Woods Jaeda Woods Al and Rocky Preparing Tubing Bozeman Pass

Montana Rock Climbing

Jun 23rd 2015 — Bozeman,Climbing,Mill Creek,Missoula,Montana — 9:01 am

We aren’t in sandstone country anymore. Single and multi-pitch climbing near Missoula and Bozeman.

It was lovely to be back in one of my favorite states climbing with some of my favorite people.

Elk Meadows Conor Elk Meadows Cole on Venus Sophie Pitch 2 Sophie Top of 5.10 Sophie 6th Pitch Me Top Hamilton Gallatin Tower Michael Becky Becky No Hands Becky Rappel

Biking With the Parkers

May 9th 2014 — Biking,Bozeman,Montana — 6:33 am

A sunny day in Bozeman.

0508041523 0508041525 0508041532 0508041531 0508041542 0508041659a

A Brief Visit to Bozeman

Nov 15th 2011 — Bozeman — 11:43 am

The recent purchase of a Toyota Corolla inspired me to get out of town briefly last weekend. Thanks to the always amazing Parkers for taking such good care of me.

Crushing M's on the M trail.

Moonlight Basin, 4/24/11

Apr 25th 2011 — Bozeman,Snowboarding — 11:46 pm

Shreddin’ on the last day of the season 2011.

Bozeman, Montana

Jan 23rd 2011 — Bozeman — 11:01 pm

In Appreciation of Al Parker

Nov 21st 2010 — Bozeman — 10:29 am

A typical Bozeman evening. Cold. Snow everywhere. And delicious meat. Al killed those 2 deer with one bullet! The man is that awesome. This was the first time I’d ever been involved in skinning a deer.

Cross Country Skiing in Hyalite Canyon

Mar 8th 2010 — Bozeman — 11:56 pm

Our last day we were fortunate enough to be escorted by the Parkers.

Montana State Indian Council Pow-Wow

May 5th 2009 — Bozeman,MSU Pow Wow — 10:28 pm

One last set of pictures from the Indian Council Pow-Wow.

Hold on to yer butts because school is coming down to the wire. Less than a week and I will be done. If you are reading this and you think about it, send some good test vibes my way.

Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow Montana State Pow-Wow

Hiking the Bozeman “M”

Mar 10th 2009 — Bozeman — 12:02 am

These are from a hike a couple of weeks ago before winter made its return.

Going Up Hil Eyes Closed Michael The M Gallatin Valley Looking Westish Looking South Montana State University Not A Sunset Picture Looking West

Bozeman Explosion 2

Mar 8th 2009 — Bozeman — 11:52 pm

This is what the scene looked like last night at about 11 pm. They found the body of the woman who had been missing today.

Explosion Site Police Cars Deserted Downtown

Bozeman Explosion

Mar 5th 2009 — Bozeman — 11:46 pm

This morning at 8 am an explosion completely demolished several buildings in downtown Bozeman. Five businesses were completely destroyed, including the Rocking R Bar, a fairly popular destination in downtown Bozeman.

I went downtown twice today to see what was happening. It was definitely a dramatic scene, centered around a giant column of dark smoke. Police officers and firefighters were all over he place as crowds gathered at every street corner to try to get a better view.

A before and after picture of the area.

North Bozeman Ave From Babcock Fire Fighter The Bozeman dsc_6568 Playground Boarded Up On Patrol Still Working

Girl Talk in Bozeman

Feb 26th 2009 — Bozeman,Concert Photography,Music — 12:34 am

Last Friday night I went and saw Girl Talk play at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Girl Talk is one guy, Greg Gillis, who remixes famous songs, mostly from the 80’s and 90’s. The end result is a a little more modern and quite danceable. This was a fairly big show for Bozeman, and I hadn’t danced in quite a while, so attending sounded like a good idea.

The crowd appeared to be super-young. Hilary thought there were a lot of high-school kids, I thought a lot of undergrads, but its getting hard to distinguish those two groups nowadays. Regardless, the kids were excited about the music and a lucky few were certainly more than happy to get up on stage and dance the whole show. It was good he brought people on stage because without them there wouldn’t be much going on. His performance is basically him standing over his computer the whole time, except for a few random times to stand up, grab the mic and holler at the audience between songs.

My one complaint was the sound seemed fairly muddled. That might have been because not many bands play at the Fairgrounds, although I have seen Modest Mouse and Built to Spill there and I seem to remember the sound being fine for those shows. Also there was no encore, which seems rare. Once he stopped the crowd didn’t try too hard to get him back out though. Despite my old man gripes overall it was definitely a good time.

Girl Talk Crowd Crowd Girl Talk Stupid Arm Girl Talk Standing Gallatin County Fairgrounds

Hyalite Reservoir

Feb 25th 2009 — Bozeman — 12:06 am

The day after Yellowstone we went snowshoeing again at Hyalite Reservoir, where there is still some winter.

Hil in Hyalite Michael Cheese Bridger Mountains

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