A Week in Missoula

Oct 26th 2015 — Missoula,Montana — 7:38 am

A short visit to one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people. Made even shorter by a weird and really painful throat issue.

Cole's Neighbor Conor Shooting Clouds Clark Fork Kootenai Crossing Kootenai Dude Climbing Hil Leo

Montana Rock Climbing

Jun 23rd 2015 — Bozeman,Climbing,Mill Creek,Missoula,Montana — 9:01 am

We aren’t in sandstone country anymore. Single and multi-pitch climbing near Missoula and Bozeman.

It was lovely to be back in one of my favorite states climbing with some of my favorite people.

Elk Meadows Conor Elk Meadows Cole on Venus Sophie Pitch 2 Sophie Top of 5.10 Sophie 6th Pitch Me Top Hamilton Gallatin Tower Michael Becky Becky No Hands Becky Rappel

Hiking the “M”

Oct 22nd 2012 — Missoula — 7:08 am

It was a beautiful fall weekend in Missoula.

Missoula Weather

Apr 29th 2011 — Missoula — 12:07 am

Thursday is ping-pong night. I was working at school and it was time to bike the mile to the Union Club. A few minutes before departure I observed it was snowing outside, hard. After a bit of mandatory complaining I figured the snow wasn’t letting up and ping-pong was awaiting. Besides, snow was bound to be more pleasant than the 7:30 am soaking I received biking to school in the rain earlier in the day.

After a few blocks biking in the squall I was off campus and crossing the Madison Ave pedestrian bridge. It was still snowing hard, but sunlight had started to stream all around me. Looking west out over the river the sky was bright blue, while to the east it was still completely grey. I spent the next 5 minutes standing there observing the blizzard get sucked into Hellgate Canyon. White was quickly replaced with blue.

I have a tendency to whine about the weather in Montana come April, as I can count on one hand the number of days the high has been above 60 degrees so far in 2011. However, the variability of the weather in Missoula is exciting. Not knowing whether to expect sun or snow 10 minutes in the future forces you to be vigilant.

Yesterday in Missoula

Mar 7th 2011 — Missoula — 7:05 am

Missoula Morning

Mar 3rd 2011 — Missoula — 12:31 pm

Walking to School This Morning

Feb 22nd 2011 — Missoula,School — 2:54 pm

Valentine’s Day in Missoula

Feb 14th 2011 — Missoula — 7:59 pm

Today in Missoula

Jan 29th 2011 — Missoula,Montana — 11:09 am

Today in Missoula

Jan 19th 2011 — Missoula,Montana — 9:30 pm

Missoula, Montana.

Dec 17th 2010 — Missoula — 11:32 am

Missoula Snow

Dec 7th 2010 — Missoula — 7:57 pm

Cold in Missoula

Nov 22nd 2010 — Missoula — 2:41 pm

Missoula Night

Nov 10th 2010 — Missoula — 8:24 pm

The previous week has brought to Missoula colder temperatures, shorter days, and the end of a fall season that was amazingly pleasant for so long. The only constant is change and vigilance will be necessary to maintain.

Flying into Missoula

Nov 3rd 2010 — Missoula — 10:35 pm

Mostly shots from the plane on the way back to Missoula and around the Denver area.

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