La Sal Climbing

Jun 17th 2015 — Climbing,Moab,Utah — 5:26 am

Pictures from a few of my last days in Moab. We spent a couple of nights camping and a couple days climbing in the La Sal Mountains. I had been staring at them for weeks and it was grand to see an extremely different side to Moab. Lots of green and the rock was Dakota Sandstone with colors and textures all its own. A magical place to visit in the spring.

Arete Climb Crack Climb Belaying Mighty Rearranger Aspens Campsite View Face Climb Yeyo Yeyo La Sal Scenery View 2

Day Canyon Climbing

Jun 16th 2015 — Climbing,Moab,Utah — 10:46 am

A lovely day. It was quite warm but we chased the shade and stayed comfortable.

Day Canyon Off-Fingers IMG_3825 Day Canyon 2 Dean Potter's Wall Boognish Tower 1 Boognish Tower 2 Boognish Tower 3 Boognish Tower 4

Utah Paddlin’, Bikin’, and Climbin’

May 30th 2015 — Canyonlands,Climbing,Indian Creek,Moab — 3:11 pm

A 4 day stretch including 2 days of rock climbing at Indian Creek and Wall Street. We did something like 13 routes in those 2 days, mostly in the upper 5.10 range and climbs I had never done before. I didn’t weight the rope once. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Paddleboarding Clouds Clouds Looking Glass Railing Group Shot Six Shooters Canyon Lands Train Tracks Cave Route The Jagged Wedge 1 The Jagged Wedge 2 Elbow Vices Supercrack Buttress Half Pipe

Hidden Valley

May 30th 2015 — Moab,Utah — 9:07 am

Spent the better part of an afternoon hiking right outside of Moab. I ran into a local at the trailhead who gave me directions where to locate some petroglyphs.

IMG_3244 Looking Back After Rain Squiggles Petroglyph Wall Rock Circle Pillars Tree Moab

Utah Folfin’

May 22nd 2015 — Moab,Utah — 11:40 am

At Moab Base Camp Adventure Lodge

Hurrah Pass 1 Driving Rock Putting Driving 2 Putting 2 Putting 3 Hurrah Pass 2 IMG_2836

Biking With the Parkers

May 9th 2014 — Biking,Bozeman,Montana — 6:33 am

A sunny day in Bozeman.

0508041523 0508041525 0508041532 0508041531 0508041542 0508041659a


Apr 5th 2014 — Cities — 9:15 am

So I drove from NC to Denver. NBD.


Lunch at the Met

Jan 25th 2014 — Cities — 12:47 pm

Back in December Rebecca and I had an amazing meal at the Metropolitan Museum of Art thanks to Asheville native Jason Huang.

IMG_0282-001 IMG_0284-001 IMG_0289-001 IMG_0293-001 IMG_0297-001 IMG_0300-001 IMG_0302-001 IMG_0303-001 IMG_0310-001

Moogfest Weekend in Asheville

Nov 1st 2012 — Asheville — 8:48 am

60 hours in Asheville. Family + friends + Moogfest + 2 rounds of disc golf.

Hiking the “M”

Oct 22nd 2012 — Missoula — 7:08 am

It was a beautiful fall weekend in Missoula.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Aug 12th 2012 — San Francisco — 9:00 am

Ferry Ride From Sausalito to San Francisco

Aug 8th 2012 — San Francisco — 7:05 pm

Biking the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito

Aug 7th 2012 — San Francisco — 7:07 pm

Powell-Mason Cable Car Line

Aug 7th 2012 — San Francisco — 9:18 am

San Francisco, leaving you can be such a drag. Family vacay in C A ended yesterday.

One morning the ‘rents and I rode cable cars. A charming experience.

Asheville in the Summer

Jul 9th 2012 — Asheville,North Carolina — 5:04 pm

A little while ago I was in Asheville for a little while. This is what it looked like sometimes.

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