Multnomah and Wahkeenah Falls

Dec 12th 2009 — Portland — 10:17 am

On the way drive back to Missoula we stopped to walk a 5 mile loop at the highly recommended Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls 1 Multnomah Falls 2 Multnomah Falls 3 Multnomah Falls 4 Oregon Creek Wiesendanger Falls Hil Faby Falls Hil on Bridge Wahkeenah Falls Wahkeenah Falls 2 Wahkeenah Falls 3

Northwest Jerk Fest 2009

Dec 6th 2009 — Music,Portland — 12:05 pm

Put on your skinny jeans because its time for Northwest Jerk Fest presented by Northwest Movement Magazine . These are all from the final round featuring Portland’s own Bedrock Boyz vs. The Rip City Jerks.

All you future jerkers out there can learn some new moves here.

The MC Youngster Glasses Jerking Crowd Yellow-Shirt _JMS7566-square Yellow Jerking 2 Lifeguard Lifeguard 2 Saggin Group Celebration Flip

More Oregon Coast

Dec 5th 2009 — Portland — 11:09 am

Pacific Ocean Boat Beach Woods Cliffs Trees Moon Sunset Us

Portland to Cannon Beach

Dec 2nd 2009 — Biking,Portland,Portland to San Francisco — 8:43 pm

On Saturday we drove to the coast. About an hour and a half drive from Portland.

Oregon Countryside Cannon Beach Hil and Kathleen Tillamook Rock Light Starfish Oregon Coast Breaking Wave Cannon Beach 2 Forest

Portland Day 2

Dec 1st 2009 — Portland — 10:35 pm

Hil Powell's Books Downtown Park Skyscraper From Above From Above 2 From Above 3 Hil Kathleen

Thanksgiving in Portland

Nov 30th 2009 — Portland — 10:51 pm

Wednesday evening we drove 550 miles from Missoula to Portland to spend the holiday with Hilary’s friend Kathleen. We crammed a lot into a few days and Kathleen was gracious enough to be our local tour guide. These pictures are from Thanksgiving Day.

Hil Umbrella Hawthorne St Portland Fall Uno Jenga Hil Couch Hilary Kathleen Kathleen Cliff Me _JMS6869-square

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