Heading Home from Seattle

Nov 24th 2008 — Seattle — 1:02 am

As we were coming home on I-90 the Cascades around Snoqualmie pass were really reminding me of North Carolina. There was plenty of moisture and before you got too high the elevation was just right for lots of deciduous trees. One thing is for sure, this understory was anything but sparse.

We decided to stop and walk around a little before the rest of the 480 mile trip back to Missoula. I turned off at the next sign for a state park and we ended up at a lake about 3 miles from the interstate (I didn’t get the name).

The weather was lightly raining and not overly hot, which in its own special way added to the atmosphere a little I thought. Despite the grayness it was nice to see something other than a Rocky Mountain pine forest for a change.

Downtown Seattle

Nov 21st 2008 — Seattle — 1:27 am

These were all taken the last day we were there. It was a big day, I’ll tell you what.

The Seattle Aquarium

Nov 19th 2008 — Seattle — 8:03 pm

I hope there are plenty more aquariums in my future because I really like the Seattle Aquarium. It has a lot of species that you would find in Puget sound, which is neat-o.

Fremont, Seattle, Washington

Nov 17th 2008 — Seattle — 12:02 am

Despite being a little ritzy Fremont was pretty sweet. There was a lot of activity in a couple little blocks, and the leaves on the trees lining the street were in prime fall colors. It was a little bit like a fairy-tale land, with a troll and everything.


Nov 15th 2008 — Seattle — 12:41 pm

To get to the Ballard Locks you had to go through a neighborhood called Fremont, and we stopped and walked around a bit on the way back. It was an eclectic place with some fairly well to do folks around. Wikipedia says

Sometimes referred to as “The People’s Republic of Fremont,” and at one time a center of the counterculture, Fremont has somewhat gentrified in recent years.

Definitely not your average neighborhood though.

The Ballard Locks

Nov 14th 2008 — Seattle — 1:03 am

The second day we went to the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (aka the Ballard Locks) and the accompanying Carl S. English Jr gardens. Two places every bit as spectacular as their names.

I would have happily made the 3 mile trip from Capital Hill to Ballard for either some locks or some gardens and to have both of them together was an unstoppable force the likes of which I may not encounter for a long time to come.

Seattle 2

Nov 13th 2008 — Seattle — 10:56 am

All these pictures are in chronological order.

Seattle Trip

Nov 13th 2008 — Seattle — 1:03 am

Hilary and I just came back from an extended weekend visiting her friend Stephanie in Seattle. She has a sick crib in a super-neato part of town (Capital Hill) and was nice enough to show us around town and let us harass her for a while.

Seattle is a city with an impressive amount of things going on for its size. I am fond of it.

Seattle Misc

Feb 1st 2008 — Seattle — 8:10 pm

One of the things I like most about photography is it makes you more observant to the world around you. Until we meet again Seattle…

Daily Dozen Electricity Fishy Luke y Yo Pike Place Market

Seattle Underground

Jan 30th 2008 — Seattle — 9:55 pm

In 1889 33 blocks of Seattle burned down and when they rebuilt it they….wait for it…….put the streets at the 2nd floor! So you can go underground now and see what was the ground level in ye olden times. Also, if you get lucky Norm Macdonald will be your tour guide.

The Seattle Underground is a network of underground passageways and basements in downtown Seattle, Washington, United States that was ground level at the city’s origin in the mid-1800s.

In 1907 the city condemned the Underground for fear of bubonic plague. The basements were left to deteriorate or were used as storage. In some cases, they became illegal flophouses for the homeless, gambling halls, speakeasies, and opium dens.

Thanks Wikipedia!

Norm-Macdonald-The-Tourguide Underground Asa Mercer Street-is-the-Old-Second-Floor Ezra-Meeker The-Murky-Depths

Driving Back from Seattle

Jan 28th 2008 — Seattle — 8:54 pm

It was a much better drive back to Bozeman than it was going out. It is amazing how much of the landscape you can see when the moon is full and everything is snow covered. Also, Luke was nice enough to stop in Butte and let me run around in the -15 degree weather trying to get a decent night shot.

Seattle2 Mt. Rainier The Moon Butte

The Seattle Aquarium

Jan 23rd 2008 — Seattle — 10:02 pm

One of my favorite parts of the trip was our visit to the Seattle Aquarium. I haven’t been to a lot of aquariums (none?), which is too bad because they are really interesting. The colors of things that live underwater are just amazing. I don’t know why that is, but it would certainly be awesome if more things above ground were bright orange and purple.

There were pools where you could touch starfish, anemones, and all sorts of other funny-feeling animals. There was a wheel of jellyfish, squid, otters, sea lions, and too many other things to name. The sea is really a remarkable place that I never experience.

Fish Sea Anemone Otters Not really Sure Nemo and Dori Eel Underwater Dome

A Few Seattle Pictures

Jan 22nd 2008 — Seattle — 11:57 am

It was a great trip. Seattle is the kind of big city where I would want to live in. Now I’m back in Bozeman where it was -15 degrees last night and I have work to do

Seattle At Port Tanker Pike Place Market

Seattle Bound and Randomness

Jan 18th 2008 — Seattle — 3:21 pm

In a few minutes (hopefully) Luke and I will be bound on a weekend trip to Seattle. Why am I going? I hope to take some pictures and see some interesting Seattly things. I haven’t been there since 2001 when Rebecca and I made a quick stop during our fabulous cross-country drive. We’re planning on staying a a Hostel and going to see a friend of Luke’s, Mike Daisy, who does a one-man show.

We’re also stopping by Missoula to see one of its newest residents, Hilary, on the way out of town. Hilary is a friend of mine from NC who made the plunge to Montanaland to take a job as an urban planner. Huzzah!

In the meantime here’s a picture of a llama and Luke in a tuxedo with a bull-whip.

Bozeman Christmas Stroll LLama Luke w/ Whip Asbury Tree Seattle

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