Moab Madness

Jan 1st 2016 — Climbing,Indian Creek — 11:13 am

This all took place in the middle of October. 5 days or so at Indian Creek with great people.

Cole Landing Conor Coming in Hot The Wall The Wall Conor Six Shooter Evening Reservoir Wall Reservoir Wall Camping Night Jews on Crack Sweden-Ringle Tea Battle of the Buldge Fall Cat Burglar Cat Wall Rain Group Shot

Utah Paddlin’, Bikin’, and Climbin’

May 30th 2015 — Canyonlands,Climbing,Indian Creek,Moab — 3:11 pm

A 4 day stretch including 2 days of rock climbing at Indian Creek and Wall Street. We did something like 13 routes in those 2 days, mostly in the upper 5.10 range and climbs I had never done before. I didn’t weight the rope once. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Paddleboarding Clouds Clouds Looking Glass Railing Group Shot Six Shooters Canyon Lands Train Tracks Cave Route The Jagged Wedge 1 The Jagged Wedge 2 Elbow Vices Supercrack Buttress Half Pipe

Utah Campin’ and Climbin’

May 29th 2015 — Climbing,Indian Creek,Utah — 11:40 am

More desert rain, camping, and some climbing at Indian Creek and Maverick Buttress up Long Canyon, outside of Moab.

Corollin Rawhide Long Canyon Sunset 1 Sunset 2 Supercrack Elephant Ear Indian Creek Rain Rocks and Clouds

Indian Creek Extravaganza

Apr 11th 2014 — Climbing,Indian Creek,Utah — 12:29 pm

Yo Colorado River Night Paul Paul Sending Getting Down Yo Evening Light Cole Bridger Jack Spires Big Cat Johnny Cat 6 Shooters The Overlook Supercrack

Back at the Creek

Apr 8th 2014 — Climbing,Indian Creek,Utah — 11:10 am

Indian Creek, Utah. Splitters brah. Splitters.

IMG_0177 IMG_0180 IMG_0183 IMG_0186 IMG_0190 IMG_0197 IMG_0201 IMG_0204 IMG_0208

Indian Creek: Supercrack and Way Rambo

Apr 22nd 2013 — Climbing,Indian Creek — 3:03 pm

2 days of beautiful people, beautiful weather, beautiful climbing, and beautiful scenery.

Supercrack 5.9 Way Rambo Way Rambo People Way Rambo Crux Slattery Cole Cottonwoods

Indian Creek

Apr 11th 2013 — Climbing,Indian Creek,Utah — 9:39 am

I met up with my man Busy S. in Moab and we road bikes out Potlatch road and drove down to the creek that evening. The next day we road to the Needles of Canyonlands surrounded by warmth and sunshine. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures.

Busy left to go back to Denver and for the next 3 days we climbed at Cat Wall, Donnelley Canyon, and 1st Meat Wall.

Elephant Ear Cottonwoods Tent !st Meat Looking Down Walking 6-Shooters Cole & Michael Bridger Jacks

Indian Creek- Battle of the Bulge

Apr 27th 2012 — Climbing,Indian Creek — 7:36 am

By your 4th day of climbing you start to feel a little worked. We decided to brave the crowds and the local bros and hit up the popular Battle of the Bulge wall. I hung all over some 5.10 handcrack, but was happy to get up it at all. It was my first lead where you had to use the crack for everything, no face holds. We ended the day by trashing around on another offwidth, Big Baby.

Indian Creek- Critic’s Choice Wall

Apr 15th 2012 — Climbing,Indian Creek,Utah — 8:10 am

The day where we woke up to snow we went on an expedition to look at Critic’s Choice wall. A wall that includes the hardest off-width climb in Indian Creek, Belly Full of Bad Berries. On Wed we decided to climb there. We saw a total of 2 people all day, a big contrast to the action-packed scene at Way Rambo.

Indian Creek – Way Rambo Wall

Apr 15th 2012 — Climbing,Indian Creek — 7:34 am

For Spring Break myself and a few friends went rock climbing in Indian Creek, Utah, a little over an hour south of Moab. We spent a full week surrounded be beautiful desert with world-class crack climbing thanks to the unique geology of the area.

These are all pictures of Tuesday. Saturday we climbed at Pistol Whipped wall but I didn’t bring my camera. Monday we woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground outside our tents and had an unexpected early rest day.

Scarface Wall, Indian Creek

Apr 17th 2011 — Climbing,Indian Creek,Utah — 8:55 pm

Indian Creek Climbing. Blue Gramma Cliff.

Apr 15th 2011 — Climbing,Indian Creek,Utah — 9:42 pm

Spent a couple days climbing in Indian Creek. It might be my special place.

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