Last Winter in Western NC

Oct 14th 2016 — Asheville,Family,NC and Kentucky — 10:14 am

I felt like getting back to NC and having a roof over my head would make everything coherent. Didn’t quite work out completely as I planned. But what does, right? It was nice to see my family and be around the softness of the Appalachian Mountains.

Davy and Me Hiking Cold Mountain Cold Mountain 2 Davy on Rock Shrooms Woods Rumbling Bald Looking Glass Rock Hike with Mom Bartram's Walk Linville Gorge

Bay Area Randomness

Aug 14th 2014 — Family — 11:09 pm

IMG_0273 IMG_0274 IMG_0277 IMG_0330 IMG_0404 IMG_0409 IMG_0434 IMG_0437 IMG_0444 IMG_0445 IMG_0480 IMG_0485
IMG_0522 IMG_0527 IMG_0529

Sausalito Boating

Aug 14th 2014 — Family — 9:53 pm

We spent a few mornings on the water

Mom Rebubba Seal 1 Seal 2 Mom Houseboats Davy Pelicans Mom Ferry Rebecca Ferry Davy Tugboat Many Seals

San Francisco with the Fam

Aug 13th 2014 — Family — 12:31 pm

Spent a week with my wonderful family. Walking has long been a favorite activity of ours.

Rebecca Davy Dad Tennessee Beach Rebecca Mom Rebecca Ocean IMG_0350 Davy Mom The Fam Selfie Dad Photo Mom Tha Bridge Davy Photog Cold Mom The Bridge Rebubba

Back East

Jan 16th 2013 — Family,North Carolina — 9:27 am

Back in the Blue Ridge. So many good folks. So little time.

Family Singing Family Again Coming Back Michael and Val Asheville 1 Asheville 2 Jon and Jen's Goofin Prayer Flags

Sulock Family Album 7

Mar 15th 2011 — Sulock Family Album — 9:10 pm

Sulock Family Album 6

Feb 6th 2010 — Sulock Family Album — 10:53 am

Happy Holidays!

Dec 29th 2009 — Family — 10:22 pm

Happy Birthday Dad!

Sep 9th 2009 — Sulock Family Album — 10:35 am

Mom with Cake Dad and Parents Little League Dad Rebecca Cake Dad Rebecca Cake The Shore Bowling Balloons Flicking Cake

Rafting the Natahala

Aug 14th 2009 — Family,North Carolina — 7:13 am

We rented a raft from the Natahala Outdoor Center without a guide. I don’t know how long that has been an option, but most of the outfitters on the Natahala seem to be providing the service nowadays. They take you 8 miles up the river and you are in charge of navigating some class 2 and one class 3 rapid.

Carrying the Raft Bridge Short Break Natahala River Boat Crew Boat Crew 2 On River Barn Hiawassee

A Friday at Lake Chatuge

Aug 11th 2009 — Family,North Carolina — 8:59 am

Lake Chatuge Morning Dad Chair Rebecca Morning Rebecca and Mom Rebecca and Scott Rebecca and Scott Me Davy Scott Sandra Lake Chatuge Monopoly

Sulock Family Album 5

Jul 16th 2009 — Sulock Family Album — 12:03 pm

1-Squirrel-Island Fenner-Ave-Treehouse Grandma-Davy Sulock-Siblings Me Halloween Mom-Randalls Protest Davy-Goomba

Asheville Misc

Feb 4th 2009 — Asheville,Family — 10:37 pm

A few final pictures from my last visit to Asheville.

Michael and Val Smooth Criminals Rebecca and Scott Davy and Chris Foggy Boys dsc_5333 Binky Folfing The Folfing Crew Classic Asheville

Christmas Misc Misc

Jan 14th 2009 — Family — 11:33 pm

Happy Birthday Mom!

dsc_5050 dsc_5183 dsc_5315 dsc_5349 dsc_5515 dsc_5493

Christmas Misc

Jan 13th 2009 — Family — 12:03 am

dsc_4941 dsc_4949 dsc_4959 dsc_4963 dsc_4981 dsc_5119

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