Mount Pisgah

Jan 7th 2009 — Asheville,Family — 11:06 pm

A few more pictures of a warm North Carolina Sunday in January.

dsc_5583 dsc_5598 dsc_5612 dsc_5624 dsc_5631 dsc_5635 dsc_5640 dsc_5673 dsc_5678

Bizarro Sulocks

Dec 30th 2008 — Asheville,Family — 11:01 am

Happy Holidays from the Bizarro Sulocks.

bizarro-dad bizarro-michael bizarro-rebecca bizarro-davy bizarro-scott bizarro-mom

Sulock Family Album 4

Dec 1st 2008 — Family,Sulock Family Album — 10:03 pm

Sulock Family Album 3

Oct 22nd 2008 — Family,Sulock Family Album — 11:32 pm

Sulock Family Album 2

Sep 15th 2008 — Family,Sulock Family Album — 7:00 am

It was a strange feeling looking at old and worn photo albums, taking pictures of pictures of myself as a child with a camera 20 years newer and much nicer than the cameras that were used to take the original photographs.

Modern life can be surreal at times.

Sulock Family Album

Aug 27th 2008 — Family,Sulock Family Album — 11:58 pm

I am going back to Montana tomorrow morning. Yesterday I decided to take some pictures of the family’s photograph albums in attempt to take some of them with me.

Richmond Hill Disc Golf

Aug 24th 2008 — Asheville,Family — 11:19 pm

Been playin’ some disc golf.

A Friday Night in Asheville

Aug 23rd 2008 — Asheville,Family — 9:20 am

Went downtown last night. Holla

Tube it up Broski

Aug 18th 2008 — Family,North Carolina — 5:40 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Masters of Tube, David Sulock, Dot Sulock, Scott Sharpe, Michael Sulock, and Rebecca Sulock.

At Lake Chatuge

Aug 17th 2008 — Family,North Carolina — 7:32 pm

A few pictures from the more mellow times at the lake. It was the first time our immediate family had all been together in a good while.


Aug 17th 2008 — Family — 1:56 pm

The family and I spent the weekend at Lake Chatuge, in northern Georgia. Yesterday we rented a boat and pulled a tube.

The thing about tubing behind a boat is that you just hold on for dear life, hoping to prolong the inevitable epic crash as much as possible.

Osama Bin Laden

The Beartooth Highway

Aug 12th 2008 — Family,Montana,Yellowstone — 12:36 pm

One of the first things we did on the drive back to Asheville was head east on I-90 for a short while, then turn south onto the Beartooth Highway down to the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park.

From north to south the road goes from the small town of Red Lodge, Montana, to the way smaller town of Cook City, Wyoming.

I had heard a lot about this road but living in Bozeman it isn’t on the way anywhere so I hadn’t been on it yet. It was an amazing way to begin what would be a fairly epic 3000 mile journey back home.

Beartooth Highway Beartooth Highway Beartooth Highway Beartooth Highway Beartooth Highway Lake Beartooth Highway Lake

Climbing Gallatin Tower

Aug 12th 2008 — Bozeman,Climbing,Family,Montana — Tags: , — 6:46 am

Davy and I did some rock climbing during his brief stay in Bozeman. We climbed Gallatin Tower, 3 fun pitches in the Gallatin Canyon. It was only Davy’s second time climbing outside (the first being when we went the day before) and he handled it like an old pro.

Gallatin Tower First Pitch Gallatin Canyon David Sulock Stormcastle Mountain David Sulock Davy Rappelling

…more from Glacier

Jul 18th 2008 — Family,Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 8:22 am

These were all taken the same day as the previous post, but unlike the previous post they are not in chronological order.

Scott at Lake Josephine Waterfall from the Going to the Sun Road Rebecca and Scott at Virginia Falls Hilary Schoendorf overlook Sunset looking west from Logan Pass. Hilary, Rebecca, and Scott. Rebecca at Virginia Falls The Saint Mary River Virginia Falls is some horrible light for taking a picture.

…and then we stayed in Glacier

Jul 17th 2008 — Family,Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 6:15 am

McDonald Creek from the Going to the Sun Road Hilary and Scott keeping it real McDonald Creek again Looking southish(?) from the Going to the Sun Road Rebecca and Scott blinded by the light The white dots are water, they are standing in front of Virginia Falls Mt. Gould Lake Josephine I’m not  sure what I’m doing in this picture. Scott is proudly displaying the Hungry Horse News Many Glacier Lodge on the edge of Swiftcurrent Lake Swiftcurrent Creek with Wynn Mountain in the background

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