Sulock Family Album 7

Mar 15th 2011 — Sulock Family Album — 9:10 pm

Sulock Family Album 6

Feb 6th 2010 — Sulock Family Album — 10:53 am

Happy Birthday Dad!

Sep 9th 2009 — Sulock Family Album — 10:35 am

Mom with Cake Dad and Parents Little League Dad Rebecca Cake Dad Rebecca Cake The Shore Bowling Balloons Flicking Cake

Sulock Family Album 5

Jul 16th 2009 — Sulock Family Album — 12:03 pm

1-Squirrel-Island Fenner-Ave-Treehouse Grandma-Davy Sulock-Siblings Me Halloween Mom-Randalls Protest Davy-Goomba

Sulock Family Album 4

Dec 1st 2008 — Family,Sulock Family Album — 10:03 pm

Sulock Family Album 3

Oct 22nd 2008 — Family,Sulock Family Album — 11:32 pm

Sulock Family Album 2

Sep 15th 2008 — Family,Sulock Family Album — 7:00 am

It was a strange feeling looking at old and worn photo albums, taking pictures of pictures of myself as a child with a camera 20 years newer and much nicer than the cameras that were used to take the original photographs.

Modern life can be surreal at times.

Sulock Family Album

Aug 27th 2008 — Family,Sulock Family Album — 11:58 pm

I am going back to Montana tomorrow morning. Yesterday I decided to take some pictures of the family’s photograph albums in attempt to take some of them with me.

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