Shakespeare Ghost Town

Oct 29th 2013 — Ghost Towns — 11:15 pm

While I was driving from NC to CA with my friend Val in August we stopped at Shakespeare Ghost Town outside of Lordsburg in southwest New Mexico on I-10. Out of dumb luck we arrived just in time for a tour, which only happen on 2 days out of every month.

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The Mount Vernon Dredge

Oct 22nd 2009 — Ghost Towns,Montana — 10:49 pm

The Mount Vernon Dredge is an old mining relic located in Nevada City at a history of mining museum. It is a massive structure, kind of reminds me of a brontosaurus when I think about it.

Mount  Vernon Dredge Mount  Vernon Dredge Mount  Vernon Dredge Mount Vernon Dredge Sign Crane Crane

Virginia City and Nevada City

Oct 21st 2009 — Ghost Towns — 7:14 pm

Remnants of the gold rush.

Virginia City Virginia City Virginia City Barber Shop Barber Shop Sign Nevada City

Virginia City Again

Feb 22nd 2009 — Ghost Towns,Montana — 7:49 pm

Before we headed down the road for Norris Hot Springs I grabbed a few more shots of Virginia City, (including the sign).

Wholesale Groceries Inn Virginia City Sign Variety Store Gas Montana

Virginia City

Feb 19th 2009 — Ghost Towns,Montana — 11:55 pm

Right down the road from Nevada City is Virginia City. It was a tad larger and looked like a few people might actually live in houses off of main street.

Saloon Opera House Blacksmith General Merchandise Virginia City Trading Company dsc_6080

More Nevada City

Feb 18th 2009 — Ghost Towns,Montana — 10:27 pm

Old Train Nevada City Sign George Ives Nevada City Building Music Hall Old Train 2 Old Train 3 Nevada Hotel Montana Sunset

Nevada City, Montana

Feb 17th 2009 — Ghost Towns,Montana — 11:30 pm

I had heard about Nevada City but didn’t know quite what to expect. The town was definitely deserted. Even the highway didn’t hardly have any cars on it. Walking around looking at the false front wooden buildings and old trains was a bit like stepping back into 19th century Montana. I want to go back and get a better sense of what this place is all about.

Old House Nevada City Nevada City 2 Old Train Old Train 2 Old Train 3

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