Heading Home from Seattle

Nov 24th 2008 — Seattle — 1:02 am

As we were coming home on I-90 the Cascades around Snoqualmie pass were really reminding me of North Carolina. There was plenty of moisture and before you got too high the elevation was just right for lots of deciduous trees. One thing is for sure, this understory was anything but sparse.

We decided to stop and walk around a little before the rest of the 480 mile trip back to Missoula. I turned off at the next sign for a state park and we ended up at a lake about 3 miles from the interstate (I didn’t get the name).

The weather was lightly raining and not overly hot, which in its own special way added to the atmosphere a little I thought. Despite the grayness it was nice to see something other than a Rocky Mountain pine forest for a change.


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