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Jun 4th 2009 — Concert Photography,Music,Sasquatch Festival — 7:47 pm

King Kahn Black Moth Super Rainbow Passion Pit Passion Pit Monotix Monotix m83 Erykah Badu Deerhoof

Girl Talk in Bozeman

Feb 26th 2009 — Bozeman,Concert Photography,Music — 12:34 am

Last Friday night I went and saw Girl Talk play at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Girl Talk is one guy, Greg Gillis, who remixes famous songs, mostly from the 80’s and 90’s. The end result is a a little more modern and quite danceable. This was a fairly big show for Bozeman, and I hadn’t danced in quite a while, so attending sounded like a good idea.

The crowd appeared to be super-young. Hilary thought there were a lot of high-school kids, I thought a lot of undergrads, but its getting hard to distinguish those two groups nowadays. Regardless, the kids were excited about the music and a lucky few were certainly more than happy to get up on stage and dance the whole show. It was good he brought people on stage because without them there wouldn’t be much going on. His performance is basically him standing over his computer the whole time, except for a few random times to stand up, grab the mic and holler at the audience between songs.

My one complaint was the sound seemed fairly muddled. That might have been because not many bands play at the Fairgrounds, although I have seen Modest Mouse and Built to Spill there and I seem to remember the sound being fine for those shows. Also there was no encore, which seems rare. Once he stopped the crowd didn’t try too hard to get him back out though. Despite my old man gripes overall it was definitely a good time.

Girl Talk Crowd Crowd Girl Talk Stupid Arm Girl Talk Standing Gallatin County Fairgrounds

Sasquatch Photos

Jun 5th 2008 — Concert Photography,Music,Sasquatch Festival — 2:51 pm

A wee bit o’ Sasquatch for ya.

Beirut Zach Beirut 2 Ukes Beirut Trio Beirut Zach Again Mainstage Lawn Crowd White Rabbits White Rabbits Again Will from Okkervil River A guy from Dyme Def Matt Costa Pelle Almqvist and Dr. Matt Destruction from the Hives. Hives Singer Hives Crowd Hives Band Built to Spill- DougBattles - Ian Williams Battles-Tyondai Braxton Battles- John Stanier (drummer) Battles-Tyondai Braxton again Battles - Ian Williams Again Battles- Dave Konopka

Sasquatch Music Festival

May 28th 2008 — Concert Photography,Music,Sasquatch Festival — 12:06 am

I am back in Bozeman after 3 days at the Sasquatch Music Festival. It was a lot of good music at the nicest venue I have ever been to. Highlights for me included M.I.A., Battles, The Flaming Lips, Okkervil River, Beirut, and Built to Spill.

The venue is located in eastern Washington overlooking the Virgin River Gorge. I’ve included a few pictures of the main stage. I didn’t have my good camera, but it was fun to try using a little Powershot again.

The Mainstage The Hives Main Stage during Michael FrantiBeirut Battles Mainstage at Dusk

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