The Walkmen- I Lost You

Jun 9th 2012 — Music,The Walkmen — 9:41 am

From their 2008 album “You & Me”

Florence and The Machine – ‘Shake it Out’ – Live

Jan 24th 2012 — Music,Songs — 1:28 am

Moogfest 2011

Nov 10th 2011 — Asheville,Concert Photography,Music — 10:36 am

Moogfest 2011. Musical highlights included Battles, Chromeo (in the rain), Crystal Castles, James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, The Flaming Lips, The Antlers, and definitely M83.

Built to Spill – Kicked it in the Sun

Sep 15th 2011 — Built to Spill,Music — 9:45 am

So good.

The World’s Greatest

Aug 4th 2011 — Music — 1:46 pm

Bonnie Prince Billy covers a song by R Kelly.


May 13th 2011 — Music — 11:15 pm

David Bowie – Quicksand – Demo Version

Mar 19th 2011 — Music — 8:53 am

Iron and Wine: Tree By the River

Mar 5th 2011 — Music — 10:48 am

“Happy just to be with you, and you were happy for me..”

Little Richard – Keep a Knockin’ – 1957

Feb 22nd 2011 — Music — 2:57 am

Makes me think I am at the Admiral on a Saturday night.

Broken Social Scene: Lover’s Spit

Feb 14th 2011 — Music — 1:29 pm

This is a much slower version than the one on the album. Also Feist is singing. This version should have been on the album.

The Walkmen @ Grey Eagle Music Hall- Asheville NC, 1/14/10

The Walkmen are Paul Maroon, Walter Martin, Matt Barrick, Peter Bauer, and Hamilton Leithauser.

Interview by Dane Smith in the Mountain Xpress

Video of “Angela Surf City” by Jesse Hamm

The Walkmen – While I Shovel the Snow

Jan 15th 2011 — Music,The Walkmen — 10:56 am

The 10th track off their newest album Lisbon

Beck – Rowboat

Dec 23rd 2010 — Music — 12:39 am

Beck interviewed by Thurston Moore, 1994

Dec 4th 2010 — Music — 10:19 am

Built to Spill @ The Wilma 11/17/10

Nov 19th 2010 — Built to Spill,Concert Photography,Music — 12:36 am

Built to Spill rocked the fuck out at the Wilma last night. This was my 5th time seeing them. I don’t have the setlist but I remember they played Dystopian Dream Girl , an awesome cover of the Grateful Dead song Ripple, The Weather, Carry the Zero, You Were Right (totally boss crowd sing-along), Kicked it in The Sun (hell yes), Conventional Wisdom, Hindsight, and The Wait. Basically the best songs in the universe. Before the encore Doug came out by himself and played the first 2 songs off his solo album acoustic, Offer and Dream. The crowd was enthusiastic and appreciative, as is typical with the shows I have been to in Montana.

Also, I had an encounter with Doug (the bearded man in the pictures below) downtown before the show as he was walking to his hotel with some carryout from El Cazador. I was at the Wilma breifly buying my ticket with a small hope that I would run into him, and I did. It was one of those times that makes me feel like there is some greater design than just existence.

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