Moab Camping and Climbing

May 12th 2015 — Arches,Climbing,Utah — 1:18 pm

My first several days around Moab, Utah.

Camp Site Morning Arches 1 Arches 2 Arches 3 La Sal Mountains Camp Instagram Round-Up Ryan Hot Toddy Gunsmoke View

The Fiery Furnace Part 2

Apr 14th 2011 — Arches,National Parks — 10:58 am

A few more pictures of navigating the sandstone maze that is the Fiery Furnace.

The Fiery Furnace, Arches NP

Apr 11th 2011 — Arches,National Parks — 10:57 pm

I love the desert. I love red dirt. I love red rocks.

Hiking Arches National Park

Apr 12th 2009 — Arches — 12:15 am

Arches National Park is a pretty special place. Edward Abbey was onto something.

Fins Landscape Arch Walking Up Fin More Fins Hil Walking Double Arch Hilary on Fin Sa Sal Mountains Ancient Dunes

Biking Arches National Park

Mar 27th 2009 — Arches,Biking,Utah — 6:19 pm

The ride we did the first day in Arches ended up being a splendid introduction to the area. From bike you have a wide open view of the high rocks close the road and can really get a sense of the landscape.

Hil Biking Arches Rock Arches Rock 2 My Bike Uphill Stretch La Salle Mountains

Driving from Bozeman to Moab: White to Red

Mar 25th 2009 — Arches,Montana,Utah — 8:56 pm

Last week was Spring Break. I took a trip down to Moab, Utah. Jeff took me from Bozeman to Idaho Falls and Hilary picked me up on her way from Missoula. It was a sneaky maneuver that sped things up a bit.

We brought our bikes down there and enjoyed the bright blue sky and red desert sandstone.

Cow Mountain In Yellowstone Snow First Utah Morning Archer NP Arches National Park 2

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