October in Canyonlands

Jun 13th 2016 — Canyonlands — 9:10 pm

Well hello there. It has been a while. Hope everything is good in your part of the world.

Playing a bit of catchup here.

This is from an evening hike in late October of last year. Canyonlands might just be my favorite National Park.

Sign Shot Canyonlands Sky Shafer Trail View IMG_8289 Clouds Sunset Sunset 2 Walking Out

Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point State Park

Jun 7th 2015 — Canyonlands,Utah — 10:55 am

Indian Creek La Sal Clouds Campsite Last Day Evaporation Ponds The Colorado Canyonlands 2 Murphy Hogback Group Pic Rocks Tower Yoga Buttress Hiking

Utah Paddlin’, Bikin’, and Climbin’

May 30th 2015 — Canyonlands,Climbing,Indian Creek,Moab — 3:11 pm

A 4 day stretch including 2 days of rock climbing at Indian Creek and Wall Street. We did something like 13 routes in those 2 days, mostly in the upper 5.10 range and climbs I had never done before. I didn’t weight the rope once. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Paddleboarding Clouds Clouds Looking Glass Railing Group Shot Six Shooters Canyon Lands Train Tracks Cave Route The Jagged Wedge 1 The Jagged Wedge 2 Elbow Vices Supercrack Buttress Half Pipe

Biking Video

May 7th 2009 — Biking,Canyonlands,Utah — 10:32 pm

Here is a short video I took when when were riding our bikes in Canyonlands. I believe those are the La Salle Mountains. The video messes up at the end when I had to stop myself from eating it.

Biking Canyonlands National Park

Apr 12th 2009 — Biking,Canyonlands,Utah — 10:12 pm

The last day we were back on our bikes. We drove about 60 miles south of Moab into the Needles area of Canyonlands. I was amazed at how deserted the road was. I didn’t think roads like that existed in the United States. We probably saw four or so cars total in a span of many hours.

Hil Starting La Sal Mountains At the turnaround Sign Looking Down Downhill Rock Me Rock Again

More Upheaval Dome

Apr 9th 2009 — Canyonlands — 9:37 pm

Featuring pictures by guest photographer Hilary.

Going Down Michael Rock Michael on Rock White Road Cliff and Bush Hil Yawn

Upheaval Dome Hike

Apr 8th 2009 — Canyonlands — 8:58 pm

Upheaval Dome actually has a bit of an interesting geologic story. Scientists aren’t sure if it was created by a volcano or a meteorite strike.

dsc_6916 dsc_6925 Hilary Modeling dsc_6955 The Wash The Trail Hil Climbing The Canyon Coming Out

Canyonlands National Park

Apr 7th 2009 — Canyonlands — 10:49 pm

Going back to Moab almost a month ago…..The second day there we headed over to Canyonlands National Park and did an 11 mile hike around this giant, exploded volcano looking feature called Upheaval Dome. The hike really ended up kicking our butts. We started around noon and didn’t get back to the car until 8 or so.

dsc_6852 dsc_6855_1 dsc_6868 dsc_6876 dsc_6897 dsc_6902

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