A Bit of Glacier

Aug 18th 2012 — Glacier,National Parks — 9:17 am

A few days spent in the western part of the park last week. Dollar dollar billz yall.

Biking Glacier NP to Vancouver – Day 1 – Glacier National Park

Aug 4th 2010 — Biking,Glacier,Glacier NP to Vancouver — 10:08 am

In July Jeff, Andy, and I biked from West Glacier, Montana to Vancouver, British Columbia. The whole trip was about 900 miles and it took exactly 2 weeks.

Our first day we biked through Glacier National Park on the Going to the Sun Road, it was quite an epic start.

The Trail of the Cedars

Jul 6th 2010 — Glacier — 10:41 am

Boating Lake McDonald

Jul 3rd 2010 — Glacier — 9:11 am

Lake McDonald Hike

Jul 2nd 2010 — Glacier — 5:48 am

Update: This hike was 13 miles long and after all was said and done I think Mom may have been the least tired.

Evening at Lake McDonald

Jun 26th 2010 — Glacier — 7:04 am

In Glacier

Jun 24th 2010 — Glacier — 5:47 pm

We drove up to Glacier. Everyone was feeling groovy.

Grinnell Glacier Hike Misc

Aug 2nd 2009 — Glacier — 7:50 am

Gem Glacier Garden Wall Cliffs Waterfall Garden Wall 2 salamander Glacier Grinnell Lake Grinnell Lake Many Glacier Lodge

Grinnell Glacier

Aug 1st 2009 — Glacier — 11:19 am

After 5.7 miles we made it to Grinnell Glacier. The giant steep rock wall enclosing the area is called the Garden Wall, it is part of the continental divide.

If you look at the top of the wall in the 4th picture there is a notch in the Garden Wall above and to the right of Salamander Glacier. You can hike to that point from the Highline Trail. Pictures from that spot from September 2008 are here and from September 2007 here.

Grinnell Lake Grinnell Glacier Chunks Justin Apple Salamander Glacier The Group Bighorn Sheep Bighorn Sheep 2 Bighorn Sheep Lake Josephine and Swiftcurrnet

Josephine and Grinnell Lakes

Jul 31st 2009 — Glacier — 11:07 am

On Sunday we camped in Many Glacier and did a hike to Grinnell Glacier. I had attempted this hike with my parents in early June a few years ago. We had to turn back a few miles from the end because there was too much snow in the higher elevation areas. This time there wasn’t any snow blocking the way.

The hike is a little under 12 miles round trip, and offers some spectacular scenery the whole way.

Lake Josephine Lake Josephine 2 Lake Josephine 3 Grinnell Lake Grinnell Lake 2 Hil Waterfall Looking Back Grinnell Lake Grinnell Lake

Glacier National Park Westside

Jul 30th 2009 — Glacier — 9:02 am

The next day we drove up to Glacier National Park. We got there in the afternoon and being the middle of summer most of the campsites were already full so we drove out on the Inner North Fork Road to Logging Creek Campground.

There was a really excellent thunderstorm that night with a lot of thunder but not much rain. Thunder always reminds me of North Carolina.

Deer 3 Hikers Flower Logging Creek Burn Indian Paintbrush Hil Charlie Me

Glacier National Park Assortment

Jul 2nd 2009 — Glacier — 9:46 am

The final pictures of the hike and some miscellaneous pictures of our last day in Glacier.

Back from Ptarmigan Lake Approaching Many Glacier Hillside East of Logan Pass Waterfall Zoom 1 Waterfall Zoom 2 Mountain Goat Mountain Goat with Kid Mountain Goat Kid Mountain Goat with Kid 2 Sun Road Avalanche Trail of the Ceders

Close Encounters of the Goat Kind

Jul 1st 2009 — Glacier — 10:09 am

Three mountain goats joined us for a little while as we were enjoying the view. Mountain goats are seen quite a bit in Glacier, but it was interesting to see them in their natural environs rather than right beside the road.

I also added a “Wildlife” category if you want to scope out other pictures of ferocious beasts.

Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail 2 Mountain Goat 1 Mountain Goat 2 Mountain Goat Tongue Mountain Goat 3 Mountain Goat 4 2 Mountain Goats 2 Mountain Goats Again Mountain Goat Climbing Mountain Goat Climbing Find the Goats Mt Gould Ptarmigan Lake View Going Down

Iceberg Lake to Ptarmigan Lake and Tunnel

Jun 30th 2009 — Glacier — 8:48 am

The Iceberg Lake is a 10 mile out and back hike. About 3 miles from the start there is a turnoff for Ptarmigan Lake. Coming back we decided to check it out.

Iceberg Lake Small Lake Glacier Stream Trail Ptarmigan Lake Going Up Ptarmigan Tunnel Door Michael and Hilary The Belly River Valley

Late June Weekend in Glacier National Park

Jun 28th 2009 — Glacier — 10:53 pm

Hilary and I went to Glacier National Park over the weekend. Saturday was spent doing a pretty amazing hike to Iceberg Lake and then to the Ptarmigan Tunnel. Here are some pictures of the Going to the Sun Road from Friday evening and the start of our hike on Saturday.

Birdwoman Falls and Mt. Oberlin Haystack Creek Falls and The Going to the Sun Road Going to the Sun Road Beside Our Campsite To Iceberg Lake Towards Iceberg Lake Back Towads Many Glacier Hilary and Ptarmigan Wall Iceberg Lake

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