Biking in Glacier National Park

Jun 21st 2009 — Biking,Glacier,Montana and Idaho Loop — 4:25 pm

The third day we rode from Bigfork to West Glacier. The Adventure Cycling Map had a nice backroad to take for much of the way. We camped at Sprague Creek after discovering that Avalanche wasn’t going to open for another 4 days.

The road was closed at Avalanche for cars due to the clearing of the winter’s snow off the Going to the Sun Road. However, bikes were allowed to go 10 miles or so further up to The Loop, the single switchback in the Sun road. It was an unexpected surprise to be able to have the whole road to ourselves for a decent distance.

After the ride we did the short hike up to Avalanche lake.

The next morning we departed, backtracked to Columbia Falls, and headed north towards Eureka, Montana.

Barn Flathead River Macdonald Creek and Garden Wall Mcdonald Creek Avalanche Heavens Peak Avalanche Creek Avalanche Lake Lake Mcdonald

Glacier Misc.

Sep 9th 2008 — Glacier — 1:10 pm

The final pictures from the Labor Day weekend trip.

Many Glacier Overlook

Sep 8th 2008 — Glacier — 12:58 pm

One of my favorite views ever

Mas Highline

Sep 5th 2008 — Glacier — 9:34 am

What can I say, it was a long hike in a beautiful place so there were a lot of pictures taken.

More Highline Trail

Sep 4th 2008 — Glacier — 10:45 am

Still on the Highline Trail.

On the Highline Trail

Sep 3rd 2008 — Glacier — 8:28 am

I think we were fairly lucky with the weather. The parking lot at Logan Pass was quite windy and a little cold but once you got out of the wind tunnel it was quite pleasant.

Glacier: Sun Road to Highline Trail

Sep 2nd 2008 — Glacier — 8:00 pm

I’m finally back in Bozeman, ready for school to start tomorrow.

We snuck up to Glacier for the final outing of the summer. I was in Glacier last Labor Day Weekend so it was interesting to compare the snowpack from the two years.

Saturday we had some excellent weather and did the Highline Trail from Logan Pass to The Loop, it is about 12 miles (almost all downhill though) with a mandatory 0.6 mile uphill side trail to overlook the Many Glacier area.

Here are some pictures from the drive up the western portion of the Going to the Sun Road and the start of the hike.

…more from Glacier

Jul 18th 2008 — Family,Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 8:22 am

These were all taken the same day as the previous post, but unlike the previous post they are not in chronological order.

Scott at Lake Josephine Waterfall from the Going to the Sun Road Rebecca and Scott at Virginia Falls Hilary Schoendorf overlook Sunset looking west from Logan Pass. Hilary, Rebecca, and Scott. Rebecca at Virginia Falls The Saint Mary River Virginia Falls is some horrible light for taking a picture.

…and then we stayed in Glacier

Jul 17th 2008 — Family,Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 6:15 am

McDonald Creek from the Going to the Sun Road Hilary and Scott keeping it real McDonald Creek again Looking southish(?) from the Going to the Sun Road Rebecca and Scott blinded by the light The white dots are water, they are standing in front of Virginia Falls Mt. Gould Lake Josephine I’m not  sure what I’m doing in this picture. Scott is proudly displaying the Hungry Horse News Many Glacier Lodge on the edge of Swiftcurrent Lake Swiftcurrent Creek with Wynn Mountain in the background

…and then we went to Glacier

Jul 16th 2008 — Family,Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 12:33 pm

After a big winter the Going to the Sun Road finally opened a week or so into July.

Scott and Rebecca at Burger Town Sunlight fading on the Going to the Sun Road west of Logan Pass Glacier National Park Moon The Hungry Horse Motel, in the bustling metropolis of Hungry Horse, Montana Outside the hotel room at the Hungry Horse Motel

Polebridge, Montana

Jun 27th 2008 — Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 8:31 am

Polebridge is the kind of place I would worry about telling people if anyone actually read this website. A little “town” just ouside the western edge of Glacier National Park. Polebridge is off the grid, the Mercantile there sells some extremely delicious baked good, (think cheesy jalapeno bread and huckleberry bearclaws). Other than that there’s grass, kids, happy tourists, a sand volleyball court, cabins, a bar, and dogs.

My friend Lorrie suggested going there instead of visiting the eastern part again. After stopping for coffee and baked goods we went to the Bowman Lake Campground and did a nice 12-mile loop to Quartz Lake. After being caught in an evening thunderstorm the mosquitoes were basically unbearable. I’d never seen anything like it. The time of year was perfect for the little buggers, warm enough and wet enough.

Polebridge Mercantile Polebridge Baked Goods Hilary at Bowman Lake Quartz Lake Quartz Lake Shore North Fork of the Flathead River North Fork of the Flathead River Again

Saint Mary Lake

Jun 18th 2008 — Glacier,National Parks — 6:51 am

Our last day in Glacier we walked from Sun Point to Virginia Falls.

Driving hil-overpass.jpg waterfall-1.jpgval-hil-sit.jpg Looking west at the Saint Mary River becoming a lake. waterfall-rainbow.jpg val-profile.jpg Wild Goose Island hil-moss.jpg st-mary-vert.jpg

Greatest Picture Ever

Many Glacier Area

Jun 16th 2008 — Glacier — 9:26 am

We hiked to Bullhead Lake.

We ate peanut butter and jelly.

We hiked to Josephine Lake.

We saw a moose.

aspen-walking.jpg hil-jump.jpg val-hil-field.jpg green-plant.jpg val-bridge.jpg val-hil-lake.jpg many-glacier-lodge.jpg val-surprised.jpg Moose

WP(VP) in the hizzie

Jun 15th 2008 — Glacier,Montana,National Parks — 2:17 pm

16_mia_sm.jpg “Sunshowers that I’m aiming at you, cause I’m watching you my baby”

Thanks for visiting Val. I am lucky to have a friend like you.

val-hill-avalanche-creek.jpg val-and-tree.jpg val-kick.jpg val-dad-impression.jpg morning-cabin.jpg bullhead-lake.jpg val-hil-saint-mary-lake.jpg saint-mary-lake.jpg the-trio.jpg saint-mary-lake-3.jpg val-michael-moss.jpg val-hil-saint-mary.jpg


Sep 19th 2007 — Glacier,National Parks — 5:07 pm

Kez and I went to Glacier over Labor Day weekend. It was a good time. Here are a couple pictures, please let me know if you can’t see them.

Me, Myself, and I View  Kez Grinnell Road 3 Lakes Gem Glacier Lake High Trail

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