The Beartooth Highway

Aug 12th 2008 — Family,Montana,Yellowstone — 12:36 pm

One of the first things we did on the drive back to Asheville was head east on I-90 for a short while, then turn south onto the Beartooth Highway down to the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park.

From north to south the road goes from the small town of Red Lodge, Montana, to the way smaller town of Cook City, Wyoming.

I had heard a lot about this road but living in Bozeman it isn’t on the way anywhere so I hadn’t been on it yet. It was an amazing way to begin what would be a fairly epic 3000 mile journey back home.

Beartooth Highway Beartooth Highway Beartooth Highway Beartooth Highway Beartooth Highway Lake Beartooth Highway Lake

Lawdy, Rebecca’s in Yellowstone

Jul 14th 2008 — Family,National Parks,Yellowstone — 4:23 pm

My sister Rebecca and her boyfriend Scott came to visit me. It was a most excellent time.

Here are some pictures of their first full day here. We drove down to Yellowstone.

Rebecca and Scott at Upper Mammoth Terrace Some cool blue color at Upper Mammoth Terrace My wonderful sister Rebecca Rebecca wading in the river around lunchtime. Scott’s Extreme Close-up I put pictures of this guy up a few weeks ago. I called it Scalloped Spring but that is not the right name. I don’t know what the right name is. I am a big fan of the raised walkway. It keeps the landscape pristine. The fact that you might break through and get scalded if you try to walk on the thin surface at Upper Geyser Basin does a lot to keep the tourists in line as well. A view of Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park It was warm and we were out in the sun for a while. Being indoors was a welcome change. Rebecca eating strawberry ice cream Scope out the phatty couches at this place. I think it might be the Yellowstone Lodge. We watched Old Faithful from indoors eating ice cream. The best way to experience it, in my humble opinion.

Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park

Jun 23rd 2008 — National Parks,Yellowstone — 9:27 am

If you are ever at Old Faithful, try and check out the myriad of different geothermal features in its vicinity. I know Old Faithful itself has the brand name recognition, but in my opinion it is one of the least interesting sights to see in the area. I’m just sayin’…

old-faithful-area.jpg Old Faithful. I thought this color reminded me of a creamsicle. Not everyday that nature gives you creamsicle. Pool at Upper Geyser Basin Grotto Geyser Grotto Geyser Sign old-faithful-area-5.jpg old-faithful-area-6.jpg old-faithful-area-2.jpg Geyser Morning Glory Pool again I believe this is called Scalloped Spring old-faithful-area-orange.jpg green-old-faithful.jpg Mammoth Hot Springs terrace. The only picture not taken at Upper Geyser Basin

Yellowstone Geothermals

Jun 10th 2008 — National Parks,Yellowstone — 10:59 pm

These were all taken during a walk around the Old Faithful area.

Crown Geyser Val and Crow Bacterial Mat Morning Glory Pool Blue and Orange Castle Geyser

The Tetons and Yellowstone

Jun 10th 2008 — Grand Teton,National Parks,Yellowstone — 9:46 am

My friend Valerie is visiting and we just came back from a brief trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone. I’m getting more pictures than I know what to do with and going to Glacier later this week is not going to help that situation.

We saw some really excellent geothermal features around the Old Faithful area of Yellowstone yesterday. The geysers and multi-colored pools are some of my favorite things in Yellowstone National Park.

Mount Moran and the Tetons Chromatic Pool Bacterial Mat

Jellowstone the Finale

Feb 23rd 2008 — Montana,Yellowstone — 4:08 pm

Looking Good Buffalo Burnt Forest Coyote Stephanie Elk in Snow Shadowy Elk Engineer Office Buffalo2 Yellowstone River and the Absorkas


Feb 22nd 2008 — Montana,Yellowstone — 12:47 pm

Due to overwhelming demand I bring more captures from last weekend. Awesome sweetness. (Robin I owe you one)

Gardiner The Hillcrest Motel Mr. Luke Shorty Helens Drive Inn Hil and Steph Wolves

More Yellowstone Awesomeness

Feb 20th 2008 — Montana,National Parks,Yellowstone — 11:14 pm

These pictures were all taken in and around Gardiner. That little town really grew on me. Usually we just pass right through it and it was fun to be able to hang out for a little while. It doesn’t hurt to be with such a swell group of folks too.

Hilary and Stephanie Yellowstone River Bend Turret House Kez at Wheel Roosevelt Arch Gardiner Elk

Gardiner Montana

Feb 18th 2008 — Montana,National Parks,Yellowstone — 3:05 pm

Luke, Kez, Hilary, her friend Stephanie and myself went down to Yellowstone by way of the northwest entrance in Gardiner, Montana. Here are some pictures of Gardiner. It is a nice little town, especially in the winter when it isn’t overrun with tourists.

When we rode up into town that elk was just hanging out in someone’s yard. They said that they will tag elk only if they are troublemakers. So I thought keeping my distance was a smart idea.

Elk with Antlers Gardiner Church Jim Bridger Motor Court King Luke Gardiner, Montana

Yellowstone 1-12-08 Part 2

Jan 15th 2008 — National Parks,Yellowstone — 6:56 pm

Yellowstone Geothermal Feature Emigrant Peak Big Sky Country The Absorkas

Yellowstone 1-12-08 Part 1

Jan 14th 2008 — National Parks,Yellowstone — 11:36 pm

This was the second time in a week Kez and I had made the trip. I thought this Geothermal Feature was especially cool.

Antelope in Yellowstone National Park Mammoth Gardiner Snow and Grass Geothermal Feature in Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park. Specifically found on the Upper Terrace Loop. Geothermal Feature

Yellowstone 1-7-08

Jan 8th 2008 — National Parks,Yellowstone — 5:43 pm

The Crazy Mountains The Yellowstone River At Mammoth Hot Springs Looking Down on Mammoth Hot Springs Elk Bison

Yellowstone 10-20-07

Oct 21st 2007 — National Parks,Yellowstone — 12:50 pm


Yellowstone Pictures

May 10th 2007 — National Parks,Yellowstone — 5:12 pm

Here are the promised pictures from Yellowstone a little while back. It was a lovely day, warm and sunny. We drove past a lot of people watching wolves with high-powered telescopic devices, we walked amongst some Buffalo, thousands of tarny marmots (which is what Luke kept calling them even though they looked like squirrels to me. They live in the ground like prairie dogs in big communities and our trail seemed to go right through a rather large one.

Also, I am finally totally finished with school. Year one complete. All in all I am rather pleased with what has been presented me out here and what I have made of it. Huzzah! I about a week and a half of almost total freedom until summer session starts.







Yellowstone, Biking and the Boiling River

Mar 25th 2007 — Biking,National Parks,Yellowstone — 10:36 am

Every spring and fall some roads in Yellowstone are closed to cars but open to bikers as they get ready for the changing of the seasons. Yesterday I experienced this for the first time with a 42 mile trip from Mammoth Hot Springs to Norris Geyser Basin and back. I bought a new bike last week, a Giant OCR 1. It is a road bike. I’m excited about it. Yellowstone without any cars is rather grand. The weather was fairly warm (despite there being an abundance of snow that hadn’t melted yet). The 42 miles went by quite quickly. Riding a bike made for the roads is a lot faster than riding a mountain bike with some slick tires on it.

The 3rd picture is the Boiling River. It is a lot of water that emerges from underground after being heated inside the earth. It is quite warm and swimming directly in it is illegal. However, right after the spot where the picture was taken it meets with the very cold Gardiner River, and that is where you can swim.

The really hot water meeting the cold water makes for a very good temperature. Its like a giant outdoor hottub that is continually flowing past you. I’d driven past it many times, but never actaully checked it out. It is quite awesome, I’ve never seen anything like it. You just hang out in this warm water and watch the elk around you, (we actually saw a bald eagle as well). Pretty classic stuff, I was feeling very spoiled by my surroundings yesterday.

The last one is Luke pondering. When I learn how to put text inbetween these pictures I will, but its not really that easy to do if you don’t know how.

Me and my new bike looking marvelous, as usual

A while back before they could make road like this, the trip was a half day long (by wagon I think) around this canyon.

This is the Boiling River right before it meet with the Gardiner River

Luke wondering about life, love, liberty, and why the Boiling River is so dern warm.

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