San Pedro

Jan 12th 2014 — Biking — 4:27 pm

Our first day in San Pedro.

Morning Breakfast Spot Basketball House Beach Biking Chillin Rave Sports Board Swimmers

Into Belize

Jan 11th 2014 — Biking,Mexico — 10:00 am

3 days of biking south in Mexico and we ended up in Chetumal. Most of Christmas Day was spent catching a boat to the island of San Pedro, Belize.

Biking Pedro Antonia Santon Laguna Bacalar CLOUDZ Chetumal Chetumal Waterfront Chetumal Waterfront 2 Customs San Pedro

Mexico: Akumal and Tulum

Jan 10th 2014 — Biking,Mexico — 11:58 am

For the holiday season Jeff and I went where it is warm. These pictures are from 2 days at the condo of his awesome aunt Carol in Akumal, and one day of biking south where we stopped at the Mayan ruins in Tulum.

Akumal Boat Half Moon Bay Getting Ready Tulum Again IMG_0499 Tulum Busy Jungle Hut

Cedar Rock with Steve

Nov 30th 2013 — Climbing,North Carolina — 11:21 am

Met my friend Steve in Brevard and spent a day a sunny day at Cedar Rock. It was my first time climbing there. Lots of water coming down but we managed to find some parts that were (mostly) dry. Steve was a big factor for me getting back into climbing after moving to Missoula and it was great to meet up with him in the east.

_JMS1441 _JMS1442 _JMS1451-001 _JMS1452 _JMS1456 _JMS1473-001

Red River Gorge in November

Nov 13th 2013 — Climbing — 7:50 am

3 days at the Red with Tucker.

The first day we got our butts kicked trad climbing, ending with my first rappel in the dark after starting some adventure-chimney route near dusk. The start was a small roof where you are hanging from 2 hand jams after scrambling up a little ways, pretty serious for 5.8 I thought.

By the third day we left the trad-rack in the car. (gasp)

All the climbers we met were friendly, the sandstone was solid and varied, and the woods had a welcoming deciduous forest softness to them.

Rock Wars Chimney Cruise Control Stick Bug The View Michael The Gift Autumn Pogue Ethics Miguel's at Night Miguel's in the Morning Warm-Up Johnny's Wall Gettin Lucky in Kentucky Driving Back

Rumbling Bald

Nov 12th 2013 — Climbing — 9:40 am

Warm climbing 40 minutes from Asheville in early November.

_JMS1247 _JMS1250 _JMS1254 _JMS1255 _JMS1270 _JMS1276 _JMS1289-001 _JMS1300 _JMS1306


Nov 4th 2013 — North Carolina — 11:48 pm

_JMS1257 _JMS1052 _JMS1144 _JMS1148 _JMS1162 _JMS1201 _JMS1210 _JMS1226 _JMS1240

Shakespeare Ghost Town

Oct 29th 2013 — Ghost Towns — 11:15 pm

While I was driving from NC to CA with my friend Val in August we stopped at Shakespeare Ghost Town outside of Lordsburg in southwest New Mexico on I-10. Out of dumb luck we arrived just in time for a tour, which only happen on 2 days out of every month.

_JMS0968 _JMS0935 _JMS0939 _JMS0943 _JMS0945 _JMS0957 _JMS0964 _JMS0965 _JMS0973-001

XXYYXX – About You

Oct 27th 2013 — Music — 10:37 am

The Red River Gorge

Oct 6th 2013 — Climbing — 4:18 pm

Last week I drove up to the Red River Gorge and did a few days of climbing there. I was lucky enough to meet Alex at Miguel’s Pizza after about 5 minutes of trying to find a partner. He turned out to be an awesome guy and super-fun to climb with.

This was the first climbing I have done since leaving Montana and my first time climbing in the east in nearly 10 years. I hope to go back again in the next week or so.

IMG_0074 IMG_0082-003 IMG_0083-001 IMG_0085 IMG_0088-001 IMG_0091

Summer Misc

Sep 21st 2013 — Uncategorized — 10:02 am

In honor of the first day of fall here are some pictures pulled off the old SD-780 of summer randomness.

Jen Tubing Moral Monday Protest Drive-Thru New Orleans Plants New Orleans Clouds Val new Orleans Biking Los Angeles Los Angeles Sign Tall Palms Chevy Chase Ghost Town 1 Ghost Town 2 Ghost Town 3 OBX


Sep 12th 2013 — Uncategorized — 6:32 pm

We got off the ferry and were a bit caught off-guard by the blackness of the night. The midnight sun was no more.

We had a few days to spend in Juneau, aka “The San Francisco of Alaska”.

Carrying a bike box while you are riding a bike is not easy. (Thanks to Cycle Alaska for the boxes).

_JMS0840 _JMS0850 _JMS0851 _JMS0854 _JMS0860 _JMS0864 _JMS0867 _JMS0872 _JMS0874 _JMS0879 _JMS0886 _JMS0897 _JMS0912 _JMS0916 _JMS0922

Bhi Bhiman – Walk of Life (Dire Straits Cover)

Aug 30th 2013 — Music — 9:51 am

A Ferry Ride: Skagway to Juneau

Aug 28th 2013 — Biking,Travel — 10:52 pm

We were flying out of Juneau, but there aren’t any roads that go there. Gotta take a boat. The ride was 5 hours or so, but I wish it had been longer. One of the few times in my life I didn’t want to arrive at my destination so quickly.

The Alaska Marine Highway System is awesome. The ferry goes as far south as Bellingham, Washington. You should go check it out sometime if you haven’t. I will be back.

River Hiking Pass Main Street Klondike Dudes Ferry Terminal Outside Boat Haines Docking Glacier View 1 View 2 Tanker _JMS0806 Sunset 2 Low Clouds Busy

Biking Alaska – Pine Lake, Whitehorse, Carcross, to Skagway

Aug 27th 2013 — Biking — 12:40 pm

These pictures cover our last 3 days of biking.

Thank you Benny for your kindness to a couple of random white kids on bicycles. Take care of yourself and your sister.
Big ups to Dave at for being such a baller. Nothing like riding into town and being greeted with pizza.

Thank you Joe, Trish, and Tucker for your amazing hospitality, and to Joe and Lisa, and Barry for crucial rides.

Thank you to every driver who moved over to be completely in the other lane when passing when it was possible, and for the ones that would have if they could. Thank you Canada for building those awesome shelters.

Thank you to every mosquito that didn’t bite me. Thank you to every raindrop that avoided us. Thank you sun for every ray you shown on us. Thank you wind for every time you were behind us. Thank you bike for not breaking.

Thank you Biz for being my friend.

Davy I wish you could have stayed with us. Love you brother.

Leaving Pine Lake Storm Dave Busy Biking Hiding From Rain Storm Lake Road, Lake, Bike Yukon Sign Break Lake Road Creek 1 Creek 2 Pointy Mountains Creek Busy Hiding View

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