Sep 13th 2014 — California — 10:28 am

We got down from the Prow and the next day we drove to Parachute Center in Lodi and went skydiving.

I was strapped to the front of a dude from Hungary named Roman who didn’t speak much English.

Highly recommended.

Sean Loading Plane Inside Richard Sign

The Prow, Washington Column

Sep 6th 2014 — California,Climbing,Walls,Yosemite — 8:57 am

Last week Richard and I climbed The Prow on Washington Column. This was the first time I had ever slept in a portaledge and the first time I have ever done a route where you have to haul all your gear up with you.

The route is steep and exposed, tall compared to the rest of the planet but a short wall by Yosemite Valley standards.

Props to Richard for swinging leads with me, all his help with rope management and hauling, and his easy-going attitude.

Start Pitch One Pitch 6 Half Dome Evening Richard Coffee Half Dome Morning Strange Dihedral Up Canyon Richard Climbing Richard Leading Second Night Evening Summit Yo Getting Down

Snake Dike

Aug 4th 2014 — California,Climbing,Yosemite — 1:12 pm

Bushwacking Pitch 3 Pitch 3 Again 3rd Class Looking Southeast Sky Matt Up Matt Down Cables


Jun 19th 2014 — California,Climbing,Walls,Yosemite — 6:28 pm

The plan was to do it in a day.

We left the apartment at 4:30am on Tuesday and got back at 3:00pm on Wednesday.

From the route description on Mountain Project:

The Steck-Salathe truly deserves its status as one of the “Fifty Classic Climbs of North America”. Everything from the climbing itself to the many stories of adventure had on the north face of the Sentinel makes this climb a must-do for any aspiring Valley climber — if not a route to be repeated again and again, it certainly should at least be seen as a rite of passage. The climb’s reputation for being long, wide, and physical is well deserved, but the quality of that climbing, the position one achieves, and the overall sense of adventure the route offers should not be understated.

Big ups to my roommate and friend Stewart Williams for being such a baller.

Hiking In Ramp Approach El Cap and Cathedral Rock View IMG_1461 Stewart Following To the Narrows Face Climbing Narrows Morning Bivy Spot After Narrows Chimney Yosemite Falls Stewart on Summit Spring Water Sentinel

El Capitan

Jun 2nd 2014 — California,Climbing,Walls,Yosemite — 7:09 am

The first day of my life climbing on El Capitan. Perfect weather. Thrutched my way up the first two pitches of Zodiac by myself.

Featuring maneuvers such as cam hooking, a horizontal roof section, many many offset cam placements, and even a bit of free climbing!

Porch Swing Cathedral Rocks First Light The Nose Zodiac Roof 2 Pitches Walking Back Last Light

Mendocino Historic Walking Tour

Aug 13th 2012 — California — 6:15 pm

Mendocino, CA

Aug 13th 2012 — California — 5:47 pm

We left San Francisco and drove up Highway 1. Eventually we were in Mendocino. A ridiculously quaint town full of artists overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Yosemite: Final 3 Days

Jun 30th 2012 — California,Climbing,Yosemite — 8:16 am

Climbing Washington Column: Day 1

Jun 27th 2012 — California,Climbing,Walls,Yosemite — 7:24 am

Finally the weather cleared and we headed out with our German friends Simon and Lawrence, to climb Washington Column.

I got to lead a pitch of 5.10 to skip a bit of a line that had formed at the second pitch. Definitely felt adventurous. I also did my first ever pitch of aid climbing in a pretty epic setting.

It was awesome to be climbing with Cole, who has quite a bit more big wall experience and the patience to teach the rest of us goobers.

Day 12- Arrival in San Francisco

For the first 2 hours of our last day, we endured the most torrential rainstorm I had ever biked in.

The previous night our newly-made professional bike-tour-guide friend had assured us you couldn’t get lost going to the city. Earlier I had left my camera and phone in my front bag, and when we stopped at the Safeway in San Rafael ( to ask for directions since we were lost) I found them floating in two inches of water.

A super-amazing police officer who was attending to a purse snatching we witnessed in the previously-mentioned Safeway gave us absurdly detailed directions.

Later, the wrong directions from a well-meaning local sent us through Tiburon on Paradise Dr, a lovely road, with houses worth more than I will make in my lifetime.

The sun arrived and dried up all the rain.

The Golden Gate Bridge reminded me why it deserves every bit of praise sent its way.

My brother Davy met us outside his apartment. We did about 20 bonus M’s that day.

Day 11 – Highway 1 to Samuel P Taylor State Park

Jul 2nd 2011 — Biking,California,Portland to San Francisco — 8:55 pm

Day 10: California State Parks: Van Damme Beach to Salt Point

Jun 23rd 2011 — Biking,California,Portland to San Francisco — 7:47 am

Day 10. Another amazing day of riding on the Pacific Coast. Strong tailwinds all day. If you ever want to bike the Pacific Coast, I can’t stress the importance of biking north to south enough. I cringed every time we saw people heading north.

Day 9: To Highway 1

Jun 13th 2011 — Biking,California,Portland to San Francisco — 10:08 am

From Richardson Grove State Park to Van Damme Beach State Park.

Day 8: Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Jun 9th 2011 — Biking,California,Portland to San Francisco — 3:53 pm

One of my favorite days. The road went inland so it was warmer, and much of it was spent biking on the Avenue of the Giants. 30 miles of almost zero traffic through monstrously large redwoods. We also came across a free barbecue that a local business was putting on, complete with hippy sodas and a dj who was surprisingly good given the circumstances.

Day 7: Redwoods

Jun 8th 2011 — Biking,California,Portland to San Francisco — 12:03 pm

This was a big day of biking, around 80 miles or so. I remember being quite tired by the end of it. We ended up staying at a commercial campground, there was a brewery nearby we had been told about. By the time we got there, we were too exhausted to check it out though.

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