Misc Wandering

Nov 5th 2016 — North Carolina — 6:51 am

Winter rambling. I landed a job in Moab that I needed to get to by March 15th. I didn’t have a lot of confidence in the job, but at least it was a plan.

Landfill Family Maryland WFR Rumbling Bald Tucker Corolla Knoxville Binky Y Yo Erin and Wilder

Asheville Summer

Sep 27th 2015 — Asheville,North Carolina — 4:38 am

Michael Carol Wall St Greenway Sierra Nevada Lexington Ave Pack Square Montford Amen Haywood Haywood Bagels Short Stop Tomatoes Lexington Ave 3 Mom and Pat More Lexington

The Glass Menagerie (In Part)

Feb 28th 2014 — Climbing,NC and Kentucky,North Carolina,Walls — 7:59 am

How I spent my birthday. Took the alternate route completely bypassing the 2nd and most of the 3rd pitch. Some of my proudest climbing ever.

IMG_0115 IMG_0119 IMG_0121 IMG_0126 IMG_0128 IMG_0132 IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0140

Invisible Airwaves Redux

Feb 24th 2014 — Climbing,NC and Kentucky,North Carolina — 8:45 am

Came back to give Invisible Airwaves another hammerless attempt. Made it to the first bolt on the second pitch again and bailed again. Must be getting better though as it was less horrifying this time.

Sky IA Safari Jive The Seal Cornflake Crack Glass Menagerie Woods North Side Afternoon The Nose

Looking Glass – North Side

Feb 9th 2014 — Climbing,NC and Kentucky,North Carolina — 5:39 pm

My first time on the North Side.


Early Light Forest Approach Brain Dead Steep Invisible Airwaves Cleaned Gear Self Portrait Invisible Airwaves Again Steep Again

Aid Climbing at Looking Glass

Feb 8th 2014 — Climbing,NC and Kentucky,North Carolina — 9:32 am

I decided if I’m going to get up El Capitan I need to learn how to aid climb better. These pictures were all during from my first visit to the South Side of Looking Glass yesterday.

IMG_0005 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0026 IMG_0029

Cedar Rock with Steve

Nov 30th 2013 — Climbing,NC and Kentucky,North Carolina — 11:21 am

Met my friend Steve in Brevard and spent a day a sunny day at Cedar Rock. It was my first time climbing there. Lots of water coming down but we managed to find some parts that were (mostly) dry. Steve was a big factor for me getting back into climbing after moving to Missoula and it was great to meet up with him in the east.

_JMS1441 _JMS1442 _JMS1451-001 _JMS1452 _JMS1456 _JMS1473-001

Rumbling Bald

Nov 12th 2013 — Climbing,NC and Kentucky,North Carolina — 9:40 am

Warm climbing 40 minutes from Asheville in early November.

_JMS1247 _JMS1250 _JMS1254 _JMS1255 _JMS1270 _JMS1276 _JMS1289-001 _JMS1300 _JMS1306


Nov 4th 2013 — North Carolina — 11:48 pm

_JMS1257 _JMS1052 _JMS1144 _JMS1148 _JMS1162 _JMS1201 _JMS1210 _JMS1226 _JMS1240

Summer Misc

Sep 21st 2013 — North Carolina — 10:02 am

In honor of the first day of fall here are some pictures pulled off the old SD-780 of summer randomness.

Jen Tubing Moral Monday Protest Drive-Thru New Orleans Plants New Orleans Clouds Val new Orleans Biking Los Angeles Los Angeles Sign Tall Palms Chevy Chase Ghost Town 1 Ghost Town 2 Ghost Town 3 OBX


Jun 28th 2013 — North Carolina — 8:38 am

Hiking Greybeard Mountain in Montreat, NC.

IMG_0225 IMG_0226 IMG_0229 IMG_0235 IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0252 IMG_0256 IMG_0265 IMG_0266 IMG_0269 IMG_0270 IMG_0273 IMG_0276 IMG_0280


Jun 19th 2013 — Montana,North Carolina — 11:06 pm

I drove from Missoula to Asheville. It was 2600 miles. It was long but not that bad.

Wyoming Wyoming 2 Kansas

Back East

Jan 16th 2013 — Family,North Carolina — 9:27 am

Back in the Blue Ridge. So many good folks. So little time.

Family Singing Family Again Coming Back Michael and Val Asheville 1 Asheville 2 Jon and Jen's Goofin Prayer Flags

Prodigal Farm

Jan 13th 2013 — North Carolina — 11:28 am

Pictures from a brief trip with my friend Abigail to the goatcentric farm she worked on outside Durham, NC.

Experiencing farm life up close, in its many forms, made me more aware that food does not come from a grocery store, it comes from a farm.

Chewing Goat Prodigal Farm Free Goats Dinner 1 Dinner 2 _JMS8841 Milking Goats Goat 1 _JMS8854

Asheville in the Summer

Jul 9th 2012 — Asheville,North Carolina — 5:04 pm

A little while ago I was in Asheville for a little while. This is what it looked like sometimes.

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