The Fiery Furnaces and White Rabbits at the Grey Eagle Music Hall

Sep 3rd 2009 — Asheville,Concert Photography,Music — 11:21 pm

Both these bands absolutely killed it. They brought the rock with a furious intensity that your average hipster simply cannot comprehend.

On a political/ethical side note: The Fiery Furnaces want you to know the importance of health care reform in the United States that includes a government provided public option.

Perhaps you think it is reprehensible that someone might die, or their child or spouse, because they cannot afford health insurance and the standard of care that comes with it. If so, I encourage you to take a few minutes to contact the politicians who make decisions in your name. Urge them to support legislation that includes an affordable public option to help increase the quality of life for all Americans.

Contact Your Representatives in the House

Contact Your Senators

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