To Static Peak Summit

Sep 14th 2009 — Grand Teton — 9:59 am

Our last day was the most epic. After eating breakfast and packing up, we hiked out of Alaska Basin, and alongside the base of Buck Mountain. After cutting around Buck Mountain the trail takes you up some really steep mountainside with some amazing views until you are within a couple hundred feet of Static Peak.

Busy and I made a short excursion to the top of Static Peak and were rewarded with some really nice views of the Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, and the scenery we had been hiking through for the last day or so.

Alaska Basin Saddle Hil Map Checking Beside Buck Mountain Steep Trail Death Canyon View Static Peak View Static Peak Ridge Buck and Grand Teton Buck Mountain and Alaska Basin Grand Teton Jenny and Jackson Lakes Alaska Basin Busy Summit Michael Summit Static Peak Descent


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