In the Canyon

Mar 18th 2008 — Grand Canyon,National Parks — 5:27 pm

We started the next day on top of Horseshoe Mesa. During the day we made our way off the side of the mesa down to the Kaibab Plateau. The Kaibab is home to the Tonto Trail which you can follow for 70 miles east to west in the middle of the canyon.

We camped that night at Cottonwood Creek, which was doing pretty well due to all the melting snow higher in the canyon. It was a neat place to camp and completely different from where we had stayed the night before.

These pictures are all from that day and are presented in the order they were taken.

Early Morning Miner Cookhouse Yucca Cactus On Kaibab Plateau Looking at Horshoe Mesa Colorado River On Kaibab Plateau Again Near Campsite at Night Cottonwood

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  1. Wow, what wonderful pictures. I really appreciate the pictures and the commentary. So thoughtful of you! Thanks.

    Comment by mom — March 23, 2008 @ 12:16 pm

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